The Mainstream Media Lied to Me About Conservatives

The Mainstream Media Lied to Me About Conservatives. By Adam Coleman.

Looking back, when I was a Democrat, I never personally knew any Republicans or conservatives yet my entire perception of what they stood for was based on left-leaning media filtering.

I felt that I was being informed when I was being highly misinformed about what an entire political spectrum generally believes and advocates for. Even more so, as a black man, I bought into the bad-faith political position that “all Republicans & conservatives are racist”. …

I’ve lived around people of different races and political beliefs but it was incredibly rare that someone ever held racial animus toward me.

When I left the mainstream liberal media bubble & started listening to right-wing media to understand what they want, I became more aware of the world around me than ever before. Without the filter, I got to hear what conservatives actually believe & it’s not what I was told. …

By the author

I was invited to attend Turning Point’s “Americafest” last year.

For a couple of days, I was at this conservative conference, everyone I spoke with was courteous and supportive and I felt completely comfortable. I didn’t have people stare at me or give me the feeling that I wasn’t welcome. Actually, quite the opposite.

The speakers that I saw on stage preached the importance of family, wanting smaller government, holding Republicans in office accountable, and their unwavering love for America despite our political gripes.

However, when I would go on Twitter, they would show clips from the event and reframed this benign conservative conference as being a “KKK rally”. If Americafest was a KKK rally, then it was the lamest KKK rally ever.

But this is the power of political propaganda & it works. …

It’s the few that want us to believe they’re the majority and the media’s job is to highlight the few as being the many so the many cower to the few.

And in every story, you need a villain. The mainstream media’s storyline must paint conservatives as being perpetrators of racism because once you believe this bad-faith proposition, nothing else matters as to what they’re saying.

It’s a political brick wall that many have trouble maneuvering past because it’s cemented into place with constant repetition of accusatory rhetoric.

But it’s exaggeration & manipulation by the political liberal elite who never want their political foes to be seen as otherwise.

The elitist media propaganda made me overlook my real-life experience. The people who I would identify as conservatives today were actually my neighbors in small-town America and were generally kind to me, I just didn’t know their politics but I recognize their behavior & ideals.

Too many are blue-pilled at school, and only red-pilled, if at all, if they can somehow see past the propaganda.