The Coming Storm Over Trans

The Coming Storm Over Trans. By K.T. Cat, one angry dad.

The COVID amnesty essay in the Atlantic will be followed soon by a transgender amnesty essay wherein the left says they didn’t know what was coming. Tens of thousands of young women, their bodies ruined, will face despair every time they see themselves in the shower.

We all know trans is a lie. Scientific American, the AMA, the pediatricians, none of them have even a fig leaf of an excuse. They will come to us for a do-over, but for the victims of their demonic barbarity, there will be no do-over and we will all be able to see that.

Everyone will have 3 degrees or less of separation from a young woman who cries every day for their lost femininity. We won’t be able to console them because for the mutilated and poisoned, there will be no road back to normalcy.

And the progs will ask for forgiveness.

There is no way to cross that chasm to find forgiveness for the people who knowingly turned the last 50 years of my daughter’s life into a living nightmare.

I have suffered and forgiven much in my life, but this is an unbridgeable abyss.

We watch the school board meetings where parents go nonlinear over the LGBT pornography and grooming being peddled to their children. That rage is but a zephyr breeze compared to the CAT 5 hurricane of pure hate that is forming now.

Rod Dreher:

There will be no justice until every damn doctor, hospital, and medical association responsible for this atrocity has been sued into the ground, and some of them imprisoned.

Forgiveness? Yes, in time (though that’s easy for me to say, as I have not suffered what this father has suffered) — but only after full lustration, only after Nuremberg-like tribunals, only after the trials, only after utter and complete shame shattering all the luminaries and the institutions — including the Democratic Party, the TV networks, the major newspapers — which brought this evil onto the lives of American children and their families.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Stephen Harper