The Floyd Effect: The Surge of Black Crime and Car Accidents

The Floyd Effect: The Surge of Black Crime and Car Accidents. By Steve Sailer.

Democratic politicians have been flailing about looking for a way to get off the hook for the historic increase in murder and car crash mayhem ever since our respectable class’ leaders declared “the racial reckoning” was at hand following the unfortunate expiration of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. …

The Floyd Effect has been immense by historical standards. In contrast, you can clearly see the Ferguson Effect caused by the first time in 2015–16 that the Great and the Good hyped the misnomered Black Lives Matter movement. But the Ferguson Effect is subtle compared with our ongoing Floyd Effect. …

The argument I find most persuasive for why black-on-black shootings erupted during the anti-cop mania of 2020 is that when our society’s leadership told police to not pull over blacks so often, they obeyed.

With reduced fear of being stopped and searched, blacks then started carrying illegal handguns more and driving worse. Thus, the black car crash death rate also exploded in June 2020:

Once again, the dangerous places are highly black. …

There don’t appear to be any big cities with high white homicide rates, other than perhaps in Missouri and Indiana, although that could be due to blacks victimizing whites.

My point is not that any single policy set off the vast wave of shootings two years ago, but that the zeitgeist went insane in the last week of May 2020, with horrific consequences.

As my June 3, 2020, column was headlined, it was “The Bonfire of the Insanities” as the Establishment egged on looters, arsonists, and murderers in the name of anti-racism.

It’s time for some consequences.

How many of those dependent on the MSM realize that just over half the murders in the US are committed by blacks (who are about 12% of the population)?

Or that the rate of gun violence among American whites is the same as among whites in Europe, but that the rate of gun violence among American blacks is much higher (and similar to that of blacks in Africa), thereby making America as a whole a place of high gun violence?

The media lies by omission. They won’t tell you about the Floyd effect either. Or the police bodycam that shows George Floyd saying “I can’t breathe” eleven times before the white police officer knelt on his back and neck.