Red Flags on the Upcoming US Midterm elections

Red Flags on the Upcoming US Midterm elections. By Darren Beattie.

Joe Biden took to Union Station yesterday to give an unhinged rant about “ultra MAGA Republicans” and the “threat to OUR democracy.”

In other words, it’s an election season, and the Democrats are trying to paper over awful, unpopular, anti-American policy with crazed rhetoric.

Tucker Carlson was having none of it, describing a desperate Biden as grabbing a microphone to ‘bark at the rest of us for our moral failures.’

If you’ll watch the clip below, Joe Biden also hinted at how he’s going to steal the election: since more and more ballots in this country are cast by mail thanks to the Democrats illegal or barely legal shenanigans, it’s going to take several days to count the ballots.

The usual projection from the left — accusing MAGA of what they are doing.

In his recent speech, Biden commands you not to complain about the results of the upcoming mid-term elections. But the polls say his party is about to lose big time. Suspicious yet?

The Democrats have made many changes to the electoral system, all of which make voter fraud easier. Now Biden is telling you to obey the results, even though it make take several days to arrive at the final results. Red flags anyone?

Normally just before an election, incumbent politicians give speeches about policies  — how terrific they’ve been for you, and will be if re-elected. Not this time. Just shut up and obey, don’t question the outcome of the upcoming election. Tucker ain’t buying the “free and fair election” claims, and neither should you.

Glenn Reynolds:

It’s always a “threat to democracy” when Dems are about to lose an election. That’s because “democracy” is just their term for “unchallenged Democratic power.”

And it’s not just the US. Today questioning election results is no longer allowed in Brazil, at least on globalist-owned-and-occupied YouTube: