Politicians haven’t been honest about immigration to Britain

Politicians haven’t been honest about immigration to Britain. By Sam Ashworth-Hayes.

What’s the most important story in Britain over the last 25 years? The financial crisis? Brexit? These events both changed our country dramatically. But neither has had such a big impact on the make-up of Britain than immigration.

The number of white, native-born Britons is 76% of the British population, and dropping by a percent each year.

In 1991, Britain’s foreign-born residents made up 6.7 per cent of the population. In 2021, one in six people (16.8 per cent) living in England and Wales were born outside the UK, according to Census data released yesterday by the Office for National Statistics. The pace of change is both staggering and accelerating. Some four in ten of that foreign-born population arrived over the last decade. To put this into context, from 1981 to 1990, total net migration of non-UK citizens totalled 445,000. The ONS says that 680,000 foreign-born residents arrived in 2020-21 alone (although this will include those who left the UK, then returned). …

It is a testament to the remarkable tolerance of the British people that the change has taken place without a significant backlash, particularly when considering the delicate point that this was not, in fact, voluntary in the strictest sense of the word. Why? Because this change did not take place with the enthusiastic consent of the electorate.

Islam, London 2006

London 2006. Thanks, Tony Blair.

The policy was imposed on the electorate. By who? Who benefits?

From 2010 to today, the British public have voted to restrict immigration at every opportunity given to them. In 2010, the Conservatives entered Downing Street running on a platform to reduce immigration to the ‘tens of thousands’ annually. They repeated this pledge in 2015 alongside a referendum on EU membership, and won an outright majority. When that referendum was held, Vote Leave won by promising to ‘take back control’ of Britain’s borders. When the time came to implement the vote, the Conservatives stayed in power in 2017, repeating the pledge. Even when they dropped it in 2019, they promised that numbers would come down.

Instead, immigration rose to record highs. …

You can vote for whatever you want, but what you will get is high immigration …

Immigration has obviously brought the country benefits. It is also dishonest to pretend that it has presented no costs. …In the view of our representatives in Parliament, the benefits have exceeded the costs. They may be right about this, but they have made little effort to persuade the public. Instead, the Conservative party has attempted to both have its cake and eat it, promising restriction while practising liberalisation. Our MPs may owe us their best judgement, but they also owe us honesty. On this, they have failed miserably.

Same in all the Western Countries. The Biden administration has let in nearly 5 million illegal immigrants over the southern border, in less than two years.

Africa for Africans! Asia for Asians! White countries for everyone!

We’ve met numerous white people here in Perth who immigrated to Australia in part because the quality of life in the white, English- or French-speaking country they came from was declining due to immigration.

Imagine coming home and finding a stranger in your house, and the government says they live there now. And next year, another stranger. You didn’t invite them, but someone else imposed them on you. Now let’s vote on who gets to sleep in a bedroom.