Putin declares global war on the woke empire

Putin declares global war on the woke empire. By Prepper Anon.

If you’re a sensible, sane, decent, honest, clear-minded, truth-speaking man or woman with integrity these days, your government hates you, is at war with you, and wants you dead.

That statement would have seemed preposterous to most of us five years ago, but today we all know it’s true. At least in the West.

The heights of power in the Western world have been captured by a network of people who hate our past, resent our culture, despise our beliefs, and are determined to control our future. These elites have declared war on reality. Truth is personally offensive to them; if you speak it, you challenge their power.

This Western elite has declared war on all humanity that dissents from their delusions. That includes us inside the Western woke empire as well as those outside it.

They are at war with Trump, with Nigel Farage, with the AfD in Germany, and with populist figures here.

Especially the non-narrative guy with the most nuclear weapons:

The individual they hate and fear the most though, of course, is Putin.

Putin’s performance last week at the Valdai Discussion Club is the clearest example so far of why the mad tyrants in charge of the woke imperium hate him so much. While Biden thinks the US has 54 states, Putin speaks for five hours using prepared notes and taking probing questions from journalists.

If he’d given that delivery while running for office in a Western country and we had free and fair elections, he’d win. The majority of Western citizens, however, will never hear what he had to say. So let’s take a look. …

As Putin stated in his address, the Western elites have “no constructive ideas and positive development, they simply have nothing to offer the world except the preservation of their dominance.” Indeed.

Prior to and during great conflicts such as the one about to occur this decade, leaders of each side will outline their ideological vision for the world after the conflict. Hitler did it, as did Churchill and Roosevelt. Biden can’t do it because he’s senile and the US elite know their dystopian vision of a Smart City fake-food zero-carbon Great Reset with no moral boundaries and total social control is deeply unpopular. Putin, however, is being very clear about what the Russian and Chinese plan for the planet is.

According to Putin, Russia seeks a multipolar world in which each nation is free to adopt the cultural values and political system its people desire. That includes Russia: “… no one will ever be able to dictate to our people what kind of society we should build and on what principles.”

Putin’s struggle to rid Russia of the creepy tentacles of suffocating wokeism is our struggle, too. The perverts and exploiters and control freaks who are coming after Christians, conservatives, libertarians and truth-speakers in the West are also the ones seeking the destruction of Russia. The same cabal who hate Russians with a neurotic fixation also hate us. Putin’s enemies are our enemies, whether we like it or not. …

Pax Americana is better than chaos:

There’s just one problem with the ideological vision outlined by Putin. …

No matter how much we may despise what the American empire has become, the aircraft carriers that it deploys to police the world’s oceans make commerce and travel possible. The international institutions that its military strength underpins have made the great global peace we experience possible.

It’s worth remembering that the Pax Romana of the Roman empire enabled free trade and travel from Britain to Syria to Egypt to Morocco. During this time, people enjoyed indoor plumbing, exotic foods and cultural exchange. Settlement size in Europe didn’t reach that of the Roman period again until the 19th century, and the Roman roads weren’t surpassed until railroads came along.

That happened because central authority broke down across Europe, and we’re about to experience that globally should the American empire fall.

What a time to be alive.

The historical moment we have lived through has been singularly unique. Never before has the world been so peaceful, so rich and so luxurious. It’s made us gross and decadent, of course, but it does have its upsides.

If the US stops playing its role as world policeman and withdraws from the world, then the peace and prosperity we take for granted will disappear very quickly. International trade will all but cease, as nations vie for regional advantage. International travel will become so risky as to again be not worth it. Eventually, people won’t even leave their local area. The globe will fragment, fracture and everywhere begin to fight.

If the Pax Americana goes, the world will go up in flames. Every time great empires have imploded and left power vacuums, rivers of blood have flowed.

The enemies of our enemy are our friends, sort of. But Putin made a disastrous mistake in invading Ukraine. It is not in our interests that any country be rewarded for using force to take over another. In a peaceful world we can all enjoy lower defense budgets and sleep more soundly.

Putin is welcome to persuade Ukrainians peacefully, of course, but the wishes of the Ukrainians to choose their own course must be respected.