A Thousand Years of Islamic Aggression Against Europe Has Seen Islam Conquer Three-quarters of the Original Christian World

A Thousand Years of Islamic Aggression Against Europe Has Seen Islam Conquer Three-quarters of the Original Christian World. From an interview of Raymond Ibrahim.

Q: Muslims have conquered and subjugated vast territories all over the world, from Europe to Asia to Africa. How is it possible that a warrior and slave-holding civilization is, now, considered a “victim” of supposed Western oppression?

A: First, the bulk of the real historical interaction between Islam in the West — centuries’ worth of war, conquest, bloodshed, and mass slavery — has been suppressed; here I am discussing the ongoing, violent, jihadist onslaught perpetrated by Muslim caliphates, sultanate, emirates, from a variety of nations, including Arabs, Berbers, Turks, and Tatars. …

For well over a thousand years, these diverse peoples, operating under a distinctly Islamic logic — the sort championed by ISIS, the sort we were told has “nothing to do with Islam” — waged a relentless jihad on every corner of Europe, going as far as Iceland in their slave raids.

Moreover, in the early centuries of Islam, three-quarters of the original Christian world — including all of North Africa, from Morocco to Egypt, the Middle East, and Asia Minor (now known as Turkey) — were violently annexed from the Christian world. …

Unfortunately, few people in the West know this; they seem to think that the Middle East and North Africa were always Islamic. But not only has this history been completely suppressed; in its place, whatever anecdotes can be found to demonize Europeans and present Muslims as victims have been stripped out of context, exaggerated, and widely disseminated.

The Crusades:

The Crusades are a perfect example. If you speak to any Western person and ask them when did conflicts begin between Muslims and Europeans, they will invariably say the Crusades….

In fact, the Crusades were really a drop in the bucket of the totality of warfare between Islam and the West over the course of more than one millennium; and during all of those wars — including the United States of America’s first war as a nation, with “Barbary” — it was the Muslims who were the aggressors.

Why else was Islam in Spain, the Balkans, or Russia, for centuries?

The recent period of European military superiority is brief:

Finally, when the “mainstream” talks about the historical interaction between the West and Islam, they invariably begin with the colonial era, that is to say, they begin during that brief time span when the West finally became militarily superior to Islam, and therefore can be positioned as the aggressor. Ironically, and in reality, even the early European colonizers were operating within the context of the nonstop, long war between Islam and themselves; in other words, they were trying to reform or at the very least defang the Muslim world.

Another truth the woke have cancelled in their quest for power.