Why the left hates Rishi Sunak’s rise to power

Why the left hates Rishi Sunak’s rise to power. By Greg Sheridan.

The new British Prime Minister is sleek, smart, smooth and, surprisingly perhaps, full of fire. He’s certainly going to give it a red-hot go. …

Sunak is still only 42, younger than Tony Blair or David Cameron when they became PM, and younger than any British prime Minister since the Napoleonic wars. …


From the WEF website, Global Leaders program.


His first Prime Minister’s Question Time was a characteristic and uniquely British mixture of the brutal and the banal, of genuine goodwill and lethal attack, delivered often by the same person at almost the same time. …

“Don’t talk to me about mandates; you tried to overturn the biggest democratic vote in British history (the Brexit referendum). Don’t talk to me about national security; five minutes ago you supported Jeremy Corbyn (an extreme left-winger who tolerated gross anti-Semitism) for prime minister. Don’t talk to me about the concerns of ordinary people — you want open borders and unlimited immigration.”

US, UK, and “racism”:

The two primary villains, the Ur-societies of racial exploitation and oppression in the anti-Western, postmodern, identity politics, omni-directional guilt-grinding worldview of our academic and chattering classes, are the US and Britain. Yet the US elected a man of African origin, Barack Obama, president, and Britain has chosen a man of Indian origin as prime minister.

Which other countries, among all those allegedly less racist, has chosen a member of a racial minority as its leader? Where is the blonde-haired ruler of an Arab society, the non-Han president of China?

In Britain, the Conservatives have it all over Labour in diversity. The Conservatives furnished Britain’s only Jewish prime minister in Benjamin Disraeli; its only female PMs in Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May and Liz Truss; its only Catholic (admittedly pretty nominal) prime minister in Boris Johnson, and now its only Asian and Hindu PM.

Here’s the great thing. Not one Conservative MP voted against Sunak because of his Indian origins, and none voted for him because of his Indian origins. Britain is not colour blind, but that is the way an equal citizenship which pays no heed to race — the antithesis of identity politics — should operate. …

Britain’s economy is in a tailspin:

Sunak’s task is prodigious, herculean. Inflation is running at nearly 9 per cent. That means in a year you lose a month’s pay. Could you spare a month’s pay? Or if you’re on welfare, could you get by for a year on 11 months’ worth of payments? …

The great realignment plays out:

Like virtually all mainstream centre right parties in the West, the Conservatives now represent huge numbers of working class people. This is partly because patriotic working class Brits don’t like left-wing ideology.

But it’s also because most progressive, left-wing causes end up benefiting the affluent progressives in the big cities and hurting the working class and the poor. Net zero is a classic example. It may be environmentally virtuous, but it results in huge power bills and these hit lower income and poor people much harder than they hit wealthy Londoners.

At the same time, the Conservatives have an at least notional attachment to lower taxes and smaller government. Working class voters don’t necessarily want smaller government. They just want government that works for them and not against them.

US Republicans and the Australian Liberal and National ­parties face exactly the same contradictions. But an intelligent conservative party ought to be able to speak to both sets of voters. …

Most Hindus in Britain (as opposed to every other minority group) vote right, and they succeed economically.

Sunak’s other presentational weakness is he’s so rich. He made a fortune himself and then married an immensely wealthy Indian heiress. The couple are worth about $1.3bn. …

But Sunak is plainly a self-made, well-motivated, decent man. The Conservatives historically do well with Indian voters, just as US Republicans have made huge inroads with Hispanics. Almost any traditional immigrant community is a bit more conservative than the inner-city woke zeitgeist in big Western societies.

Notice how the media are reporting the ethnic angle of Britain’s new PM, like they did with Obama? Neither did I. They are keeping pretty quiet about it, because it doesn’t support the left’s conceit that all non-whites vote for them.

Maybe the left are quietly pleased the “conservatives” are now led by a WEF-aligned globalist. Kiss goodbye to English nationalism for a while.

Stephen Neil:

Notice how so-called ethnics delight in their identity, while Anglos are supposed grovel at our new Masters?

Rishi Sunak, like Priti Patel and so many others in the UK, are of the African Indian diaspora. They were more Westernized than their Asian peers, and naturally more skeptical of both Africans and Muslims (after Idi Amin etc.).