Racial Discrimination in NSW: National Parks being turned over to Aboriginals Only.\

Racial Discrimination in NSW: National Parks being turned over to Aboriginals Only. By Marc Hendrickx.

In June this year, the New South Wales ‘Liberal’ government announced plans to hand over control of all our NSW National Parks to Aboriginal Groups that live nearby.

Now, with the release to the Wollumbin Aboriginal Place Management Plan (Mount Warning National Park) … we see how future access to our collective natural heritage will be managed.

In short, it means ignoring dissenting Aboriginal voices, closure of the park, banning public access under the threat of $550,000 fines, and removing the summit lookouts, helipads, and presumably the important geodetic survey markers — all trace of Western culture. The plan even allows for copyrighting the image of Mt Warning.

What was once billed internationally as a magnificent walk to witness the first sunrise in Australia will soon be the exclusive property of a small group disgruntled activists who, like Tolkien’s Gollum, want to keep ‘the precious’ for themselves.

If this is a taste of things to come the public will no longer have any National Parks in NSW to enjoy.

Details of the new Mount Warning National Park:

Once the plan is in place the act of respectfully walking to the summit on the 110-year-old track built by locals will constitute ‘harm’ and attract a fine of up to $550,000. …

All traces of Western Civilisation is to be removed! “All existing infrastructure should be removed with the minimal amount of impact.”

The entire park will be closed …

It was developed and implemented in secrecy … “Culturally sensitive stories and cultural knowledge will not be shared with the public through interpretive signage, community education/awareness activities or in this management plan.”

The plan is built on extremist interpretations of Australian colonial history … “Wollumbin Mountain was observed by Captain James Cook on the 15 May 1770 during his survey of the east coast. This journey marked the beginning of the systematic invasion of Australia and all Aboriginal land by Europeans, leading to indescribable trauma and destruction. Violent clashes in the 1840s to 1850s between Aboriginal nations and cedar getters, and the defence of their lands by these nations resulted in massacres, killings, ambushes and poisonings and the movement of some Aboriginal people from the area.” …

The plan … discriminates against Aboriginal women: … “Appendix B Baseline site condition report — Restricted to men.”

The plan’s influence extends outside the park and provides for ‘removal of infrastructure’ on overlooking spurs and ridges that impacts the purported ‘cultural values’. How many local residents with views of Mount Warning will need to relocate? How many power lines and communication towers will need to be demolished so a few are not offended?

The Australian bureaucracy is implementing racial discrimination and apartheid, while claiming to be non-racist and more virtuous than the deplorable white Australian population. Literally incredible.

When will most of Australia wake up and realize that access to much of Australia, which used to be open to everyone, now depends on your race? The media are still too nervous to break it to the population, and they know in their private hearts that it’s morally wrong.

And to think that the left often claims there is no such thing as race (when it suits them).

So how can you vote for the sensible center? The NSW Liberals, who implemented the above, have gone left and loony. Pauline Hanson is looking pretty centrist.