Vitamin D3, Big Pharma, and Fauci

Vitamin D3, Big Pharma, and Fauci. By Robert Malone.

The inconvenient truth is that even at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a very simple, inexpensive and effective treatment was available that could have saved the majority of lives lost. All that the WHO and public health bureaucracy had to do was to recommend and support people taking sufficient Vitamin D3.

This failure to act traces back to the unscientific bias and pro-vaccine obsession of Dr. Anthony Fauci. And once again the legacy media, while being paid by the US government and the pharmaceutical industry to promote vaccination, acted by censoring, defaming and suppressing the ability of physicians to inform people of scientific truth. The disease you suffered, the loss of life among your family and friends, could have been greatly reduced by simply getting enough Vitamin D3. …

We’ve known since 2006:

The effectiveness of Vitamin D3 as an immune system-boosting prophylactic treatment for influenza and other respiratory RNA viruses was first discovered in 2006.

Despite that fact that this treatment is amazingly effective for preventing death (by strengthening your immune system), it has never been investigated by the NIH, promoted by the CDC or by the US government for the treatment of influenza.

There is clear and compelling evidence that Vitamin D blood levels of around 50 ng/ml will substantially reduce symptomatic infection, severe disease and mortality.

Longstanding worldwide public health policy is that Vitamin D should be taken at sufficient levels (typically supplemented in milk products) to prevent the bone disease called rickets. But this is just a minimal level to prevent a very obvious debilitating disease. …

Fauci nixed vitamin D, went for vaccines instead … in 2006!

I recently spoke with a scientist and physician who was on a team at the Department of Defense (DoD) in 2006 … This DoD research scientist and his team had conducted a retrospective study which tied higher baseline vitamin D levels to lowered respiratory virus infection and disease (influenza), using a military database to correlate vitamin D levels to flu levels and death.

The DoD believed that if he presented his research to Dr. Fauci, then Director of NIAID (National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), that the US government might change direction by investing in this line of research and developing corresponding treatment guidelines. The DoD saw the potential of reducing influenza disease and death with this safe prophylactic, and directed him to contact Dr. Fauci to discuss this finding.

This scientist told me that he scheduled the meeting as assigned, and presented his rock-solid data to Dr. Fauci. He was then informed by Dr. Fauci that US policy is to control influenza in the USA with vaccines, not therapeutics. End of story. No funding or support available for future work. Therefore, NIAID had no interest in pursuing Vitamin D3 as a prophylactic for respiratory diseases, such as influenza, and the DoD dropped the follow up. …

Cheap, fairly harmless, and effective against covid:

The data for the use of Vitamin D3 is extremely strong; there are now even randomized clinical trials supporting its use for the treatment of COVID, as well as many retrospective clinical trials showing its efficacy.

Yet the NIH treatment guidelines found on their website in May 2022, state that:

“Recommendation: There is insufficient evidence to recommend either for or against the use of Vitamin D for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.”

The CDC’s website says nothing about the link between Vitamin D3 levels and decreased severe disease and death in respiratory virus diseases, including COVID.

This is shocking. Can this be explained by anything other than regulatory capture by the US government institutes within the department of Health and Human Services, including CDC, NIH, and FDA? …

With COVID, it became clear early on that the front-line physicians were able to develop effective therapies using this strategy. There were many drugs, and many treatments (including prophylactic Vitamin D3) that worked. These physicians made deductions and treated the symptoms. The numbers of lives saved using this method are astounding, but the government literally said that physicians should not use these treatments. Instead, the government instructed that patients were to go home and wait until their oxygen levels were so low, that their lips were turning blue. That was criminal on the part of the HHS and US government. Truly a crime against humanity. …

Unfortunately, the US government did not support any of this frontline physician work’, and in fact worked hard to undermine early multi-drug treatment using licensed drugs. Precisely as Dr. Fauci did 15 years ago when his learned of the role of vitamin D3 for the reduction of disease and death in respiratory diseases. …

Fauci is responsible for many, many deaths from influenza alone:

Think of all the elderly who could have had a few more good years, whose grandchildren could have benefited from their wisdom, but instead died of the flu just because no one ever told them to keep their Vitamin D3 levels up. Because Dr. Fauci believes that vaccines should always be the first line of defense. …

But let’s take a step back in time, a decade back. Let’s imagine that Dr. Fauci had authorized the DoD or some other research entity to do a well-designed randomized clinical trial concerning the benefits of adequate D3 levels in preventing respiratory virus disease. …

For sake of discussion, let’s even throw out a number. A conservative number, based on what we know now. That 50% of the people who have died from influenza could have been saved if they had sufficiently high vitamin D3 blood levels. Per a CDC website, on average 35.7 thousand people die per year of influenza. In other words, about 357,000 people have died of influenza over the last decade.

Which means if 50% were saved by providing Vitamin D3 supplements, then 161,000 people could have been saved over the last decade in the USA by simply having the CDC advocate nationally for prophylactic administration of Vitamin D3. …

And responsible for maybe a million or more more from covid (6.5 million deaths worldwide, latest official stat):

Now let’s fast forward to COVID-19. How many people could have been saved from just having their levels of vitamin D3 brought up to 50 ng/ml (or higher!)? … The U.S.A alone could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Let alone all of the possible lives that could have been saved in the rest of the world. That these lives were unnecessarily lost is not acceptable in any way, shape or form. A crime against humanity.

And responsible for even more deaths and harm due to the vaccines he insisted on.

Fauci is the highest paid bureaucrat in the USA. He must be the best.

UPDATE: The Real Anthony Fauci movie — free for the next 10 days.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific