FBI Offered Bribe to Bring Down Trump

FBI Offered Bribe to Bring Down Trump. By Scott Johnson.

We now learn that the FBI also omitted it had offered Christopher Steele up to $1,000,000 for any information that would support the veracity of the dossier — and that Steele had nothing to offer at that time or any time thereafter.

We learned this only yesterday at the first day of trial in the case brought against Steele sub-source and FBI confidential human source Igor Danchenko by Special Counsel John Durham. …

Regardless of what happens in the Danchenko case, the Durham investigation has proved something worse than a disappointment. It is more like a bust. That the parties fabricated the Russia hoax as well as those who furthered it within our national security establishment continue to enjoy the freedom to spout their lies somewhere outside the big house is sickening. Justice for their wrongdoing will never be rendered. Not even close.

John Hinderaker:

So Steele brought his “dossier,” which he was paid to fabricate by the Hillary Clinton campaign, to the FBI. The FBI quizzed Steele and found that he had no evidence to back up the anti-Trump allegations in his paper. The bureau carried out its own investigation and could find nothing to support the anti-Trump claims. In a sane world, even assuming the FBI did not know that Hillary Clinton was behind the “dossier,” the bureau would have closed its investigation and moved on.

But no. Apparently desperate to discredit Donald Trump, the FBI joined the Clinton campaign in offering Steele $1 million if he could find something — anything! — on Trump.

We already knew that the Russia collusion hoax was the worst political scandal in American history, by far. But this meddling in a presidential election by federal law enforcement is utterly unacceptable. A number of FBI employees must have known of the offer to Steele, and someone at a senior level must have authorized the $1 million bribe. Auten’s testimony confirms, as we knew, that interest in the FBI’s plot against Trump, which went by the name Crossfire Hurricane, went to the very top of the agency. And we know that mid-level FBI employees like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page schemed to deny Trump the 2016 election or, failing that, to disable his nascent presidency.

Burn it down:

Until now, I have thought that the FBI could be reformed. But this is too much. The rot goes too deep, and the FBI’s violation of the public trust is too comprehensive. The bureau should be shut down, the J. Edgar Hoover building should be razed to the ground, every FBI employee should be retired, and a brand new federal law enforcement agency, with new personnel and with far stronger controls to prevent meddling in domestic politics, should be established.

Some US bureaucrats went fully activist with public money while on the government payroll, deliberately sabotaging the people’s choice of president.