Racist Lies in Canada for Good Jobs and Handouts

Racist Lies in Canada for Good Jobs and Handouts. By John Carter.

The latest lie:

The announcement came in the context of a national psychotic break occasioned by the publication in the New York Times of a blood libel against Canadian whites generally and the Catholic Church specifically, to the effect that Canadian soil was littered with the mass graves of native children that had been systematically exterminated at the residential schools which were, it was implied, the colonial equivalent of Auschwitz.

The damage, the hypocrisy, and the beneficiaries:

Before long churches were being burned and statues of Canadian statesmen were being vandalized and toppled. It was, as one official in the governing Liberal Party put it, Canada’s George Floyd moment.

That characterization has turned out to be accurate in more ways than one. The protests were violent and destructive, with the worst of it perpetrated by exactly the same white kids that rioted over George Floyd. The political class grabbed the opportunity to engage in conspicuous soul-searching and unsubtle finger-wagging: our ancestors were bad men, we are most certainly awful racists, we have to ‘do better’ … but our political class (white as they may be) are just the caring, sharing, concerned, enlightened people to make it all better. Which they’ll start doing by making sure every institution in Canada ritually acknowledges that it’s built on the traditional unceded native lands of eight overlapping Indian bands. Oh and if you’d grant tenure to a few more white women LARPing as native scholars and specializing in Indigenous Studies, that’d be great, too.

Truth? Don’t spoil the party.

And just like George Floyd, the entire thing has turned out to be based on absolute nonsense.

Not a single mass grave has actually been found. What has been found are a few community cemeteries with unmarked graves, which nonetheless were generally known to their communities; and a few other sites in which ground-penetrating radar has detected disturbances in the soil, which might be graves, but could also very well be old septic systems.

To date, not a single one of the supposed mass graves has been exhumed to verify the presence of even a single murdered child. Nor are there any plans to do so in the immediate future. Which is odd because you’d think everyone concerned would love nothing more than a pit full of skulls with which to underline their accusations. …

A previous generation of virtue-signalers did their level best to give the native Indians a huge leg-up:

So, what actually did happen at the residential schools?

Over a century ago, near the end of the 19th century, Canada’s progressive elite decided that the Indian problem was in need of a lasting solution. The way they saw it, there were only really two options: exterminate them, or assimilate them. Leaving them be doesn’t seem to have been seriously considered: progressives have a deep-seated horror of simply letting well enough alone, since that violates their instinct to meddle and ‘improve’ things. [Where are the good jobs or handouts in that?]

Extermination was possessed of a certain attractive finality. Just ask Uruguay, which gave their indigenous people the Red Wedding treatment in the 1830s. I hate to be the one to point this out, but no one ever gives the Uruguayans a hard time about this, for the rather obvious reason that there’s no one left to care.

It’s very similar to the way that the Arabs are given a free pass for tens of millions of Sub-Saharan Africans wiped out in the overland slave trade: since the Arabs gelded all the male African slaves, and infanticided all the children born of female African sex slaves, there’s no genetic trace of the overland slave trade in modern Arabia, and therefore no persistent reminder of the historical crime. …

At any rate, Canada’s progressives decided that actual genocide was really a bit much, and so they opted for assimilation. The idea was fairly straightforward. Native children would be taken from their homes, and placed in boarding schools, where they would receive the absolute best quality education that money could buy. Boarding schools were then, as they are now, considered more or less the gold standard of primary and secondary education, and the Catholic clergymen entrusted with the task considered the absolute pinnacle of distinguished pedagogy. Under their tutelage, the savages would learn European languages, religion, mathematics, geography, and discipline, none of which they could hope to acquire left to their own devices. Thus prepared, they would be capable of taking their place alongside white Canadians as their equals in erudition, and go on to contribute to Canadian society and industry.

The residential schools, in other words, came from the same we-are-the-world, one-race-the-human-race, kumbaya-lollipops-and-rainbows view of humanity that animates progressivism to this day.

But it was a foreseeable disaster:

In practice the schools were an absolute catastrophe.

When white kids are put in boarding schools, it’s generally a bit traumatic for them to be separated from their families, but this is mitigated by their awareness that they are, after all, getting what is considered the best possible education, and that there is therefore a certain prestige associated with their attending the school. They know that their parents have saved and sacrificed to send them there, and that their presence is associated with their parents’ love for them and desire to give them the best possible start in life. Furthermore, and this cannot be emphasized too strongly, they are being educated in the organic culture of their own people, an intellectual tradition with which their very biology is inseparably intertwined.

When they learn of the daring of Achilles, the greatness of Caesar, the intellectual acumen of Aristotle, it is in a very real sense their own inborn potential for daring, greatness, and intellect that is illustrated for them.

The experience of native children in the residential schools was nothing like this. Neither they nor their parents were asked if they wanted to attend: they were simply scooped up and enrolled. It was not their culture of which they learned, but an alien culture, an alien language, an alien history that had nothing, and could have nothing, to do with them. To learn only the traditions of Europe was not to emphasize to them their own potential for accomplishment, but instead to highlight their inferiority: while Europeans had been conquering empires, exploring philosophy, developing advanced mathematics, and constructing wonders of engineering, their ancestors had been picking their butts in the forest.

From all accounts many of the priests who educated them were quite brutal about it, as well. This was after all the era of spare the rod, spoil the child; corporal punishment was standard practice even in white schools, and the priests had even less compunction about beating the Indian out of the red child than they did about beating the devil out of the white kid. Infractions such as speaking their native language would earn the strap, for example.

Then there are the reports of sexual abuse. I see no reason to disbelieve these. Pederasts have always gravitated towards target-rich environments, and what better environment could there be than an isolated school in the forest, where the predator is alone with his prey?

Even without the beatings and the rape, however, the residential schools were all but guaranteed to traumatize their inmates. Kidnapping the children of another people, and raising them according to your own values, overwriting your own ways over their minds, is a vile societal crime. The Ottoman practice of abducting Slavic boys to be raised in madrassas to become jannisaries to be hurled against their own people in battle elicits a special horror in the European mind, even centuries after it ended. …

It’s no surprise that the legacy of the residential schools has been generations of alcoholism and drug addiction …

Now similar mistakes are being made again, only whites are the victims:

A generation of white children are being raised to hate themselves, to hate their culture, to hate their ancestors, to perceive nothing in their heritage but bigotry, hatred, oppression, and barbarism.

Their minds are being overwritten with the values and morality of an alien culture, with the explicit goal of forever terminating their connection with everything that came before.

The wages of this deracination are depression and drug addiction, just as one would expect … but it’s for their own good and all for a good cause. And besides, they’re receiving the gold standard of education.

Always watch the money. Some stories are told, then some money changes hands or some power is gained. The stories are obviously false, lying by omission and worse, but who is getting paid as a result? At every stage some people got rewarded with good jobs or handouts. Lots of collateral damage, every time. Shameful.