Politics Silences Facts: Modern Education

Politics Silences Facts: Modern Education. By William Biagini.

Students walked out of University of Southern Maine (USM) professor Christy Hammer’s class on Sept. 14 after she reportedly said that there are only two biological sexes.

The students alleged the comment was “inaccurate and transphobic,” the Bangor Daily News reports.

After Hammer reportedly refused to retract her statement during a restorative justice meeting, students threatened to boycott class until she is replaced.

A petition supporting Hammer was created by Jennifer Gingrich to USM Teacher Education Department Chair Flynn Ross. It currently has over 1,500 signatures.

That’s the way to go, political class! Reverse the Enlightenment. Facts backed by repeatable experiments and observation are made to bow to the modern Church of Woke. Now that’s power. Gets easier as average IQs drop.