Covid and HIV: Shared Code and Strong Parallels

Covid and HIV: Shared Code and Strong Parallels. By David Archibald.

Professor Brendan Crabb of the Burnett Institute in Melbourne: …

This notion that covid is somehow like the flu is wildly wrong. It is 40 or 50 times worse than the flu….

It is also a different infection. It is an infection of your organs, your heart, your brain, and of your blood vessels and it’s leaving this long covid burden that is possibly worse than the acute burden. …

Covid certainly affects the heart and liver. A report is in from a hospital in Ohio: …

  • Steady increase in direct bilirubin, AST, ALT, LDH & CK manual dilutions.
  • Steady increase in urgent high sensitivity troponins.
  • Steady increase in visual icteric serum (indicative of impaired liver function).

That is why confirmed covid deaths worldwide are only a quarter of total excess deaths.



Covid is like HIV:

In June, 1981, individuals started presenting to emergency rooms with nonspecific pneumonia and lymphopenia. It turned out that they had been infected with HIV in the early 1970s. This graph displays the progression of the disease:



In HIV, viral load (red line) peaked at about six weeks before declining again in week nine. But it never completely cleared the body. It burrowed into immunopriveliged organs — mainly the central nervous system and the lymphatic tissue associated with the gut.

With respect to the gut, HIV causes a loss of Intestinal Barrier Function. The Intestinal Barrier Function allows the uptake of nutrients while restricting pathogenic molecules and bacteria. As the Intestinal Barrier Function declines, lipopolysaccharides from the gut leak into the blood stream. The consequence of intestinal contents making their way into systemic circulation is constant immune system activation. Eventually the immune system is degraded. …

So do covid virions enter the brain? In a study of the results of autopsies of 44 covid patients, covid virions were detected in 79 of 85 anatomical locations including brain and lymph tissues. Covid virions enter the brain using tunnelling nanotubes in the same way that HIV does. And covid infects CD4 cells, just as HIV does.

The parallels between HIV and covid in mode of action flow through to disease effects. Covid is known for causing brain fog. So is HIV — the brain impairment test is called ‘HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Decline’ (HAND).  In a study of 22 patients with covid, 13 met the diagnostic criteria for HAND and a further seven were found to have asymptomatic neurocognitive impairment, which precedes a HAND diagnosis. …

The covid epidemic has been going for nigh on three years now which, if the parallels with HIV continue, leads to an important point. … Antiretroviral therapy should start within a year of being infected with HIV, in order to head off cognitive decline and the progression of the disease. ..

At the beginning of the covid pandemic, knowledgeable virologists predicted that there would not be a successful vaccine for covid because it is a coronavirus and those things mutate too fast. And so the prediction has come to pass. The vaccinated have a higher infection rate than the unvaccinated with hospitalization and death rates proportional to the number of boosters. Some people believe in vaccination for influenza, another coronavirus, despite its efficacy being much lower than that of simple vitamin D supplementation. …

What to do, if you’ve ever caught covid:

The subject of vitamin D brings up the subject of what could and should be done for long covid. In Australia a big cohort is moving to their first anniversary of seroconversion [production of antibodies against a disease], which, if covid continues paralleling AIDS, means that the opportunity to halt disease progression with antiviral therapy will begin falling away.

The first thing to do is to adopt a commercial blood test for covid virions, not just antibodies. Live, wriggling covid virus in someone who had covid 18 months ago will point to a reservoir in the body that is shedding into the blood stream. And quantification of viral load is central to treatment.

Secondly, everyone who has had covid should have their CD4 count monitored. A normal level is about 1,100 but can range widely. So it is important to establish an initial level for an individual, and see if there is a trend. On the subject of CD4 levels, a study in HIV found that every 1 ng/ml increase in the blood vitamin D level was associated with a 3.3 cell/ml CD4 increase. If that relationship holds for covid, someone going from a vitamin D blood level of 25 ng/ml (the average for Melbourne in winter) to 85 ng/ml would have a 198 boost in their CD4 count. And as stated above, “Maintaining a CD4 cell count greater than 200 is important to viral suppression.” So, what happens when you don’t preserve your CD4 population? It’s back to 1981: Kaposi’s sarcoma and Pneuocystis carinii pneumonia. …

Vitamin D’s mode of action in HIV is likely to be the same in covid … And vitamin D is cheap. It is made on an industrial scale by irradiating lanolin from sheep’s wool with UVB. Online you can buy it from Chinese manufacturers for US$20/kg.

A human under ideal conditions makes about 250 millionths of a gram per day in half an hour of sun exposure. There are 40 International Units (IU) to a millionth of a gram so that is 10,000 IU. Adults could take a supplemental dose of vitamin D at that level to the end of time without ill effect. At that rate one gram of vitamin D would last 11 years for US$0.02 at the wholesale cost. …


Vitamin D levels: 50 ng/ml is equivalent to 125 nmol/L


What else is needed in the cocktail is something that approaches vitamin D in its covid-killing activity but with a different, and thus synergistic, mode of action. The prime candidate for that role is ivermectin, still banned in Australia in order to protect the profits of the vaccinators. The vaccinated need ivermectin more than anyone else because they will be dying faster due to their higher rate of infection, and re-infections tend to be worse than the infections that preceded them.

I keep getting asked: why has China gone zero covid? The answer is that they have studied the disease and know why the HIV inserts are in its genome. And the other bits and pieces including a sequence from a Moderna cancer patent. There is a view that the covid genome largely came from Moderna. Giving it to the Wuhan Institute of Virology was like giving a child a loaded gun; you know they will play with it and it will eventually go off. Just as knowledgeable virologists said that there will never be a vaccine for a corona virus, from day one knowledgeable virologists have said that we can’t coexist with covid — either we go zero covid or it will kill us off.

Much more at the link.

So keep up the Vitamin D supplementation, and take some ivermectin — for years to come!