The Western ruling class and the rich will do ANYTHING to preserve the U.S. led “rules-based international order”

The Western ruling class and the rich will do ANYTHING to preserve the U.S. led “rules-based international order”. By Ni Mingda.

This “order” enables the U.S. (and by extension, its Western allies) to control the world’s financial system. It preserves the USD as the global reserve currency and allows America to print “money” with impunity to fund endless wars of resource extraction & asset privatization.

He who controls the money makes the rules:

Much of this “free money” ends up being managed by Wall Street, London & European big finance. Consequently, just 17 of these firms control more than USD 40 trillion in capital. For comparison, China only has about USD 3 trillion in foreign exchange reserve.

It took China 21 years of trading to save that USD 3 trillion in foreign reserve.

But it only took America two years to print USD 17 trillion out of thin air … which it can use to exchange for real goods with other nations.

This is a scam and a great injustice. …

Literally, make the rules:

Conveniently, directors from these trillion-dollar firms also serve as advisors for the G7, IMF, WTO, World Bank, & U.S. Federal Reserve.

They exercise great influence over Western politicians and policymakers. In turn, they are influenced by the rich whose wealth they manage. …

Who benefits?

In 2016, Oxfam reported that a mere 62 people own half the world’s wealth. In 2017, that number became just 8 men. The richest 1% of humanity controls most of the planet’s wealth.

And the “rules-based international order” ensures that the rich become richer. …

The narrative:

The rich are constantly worried about popular revolt.

Hence why Western media is owned by only a handful of billionaires. By controlling the narratives, they control the masses. …

Above all, don’t use gold, bitcoin, or any currency but the ones they can print:

Under the U.S. led Western “rules-based international order”, endless wars and regime-change ops have been waged to thwart the use of alternative currencies or to “liberate” a previously restricted market.

Weak countries suffer direct invasions. Strong ones suffer proxy wars. …

Rule # 1:

The “rules-based international order”:

  • is centered around preserving the USD as global reserve currency
  • gives Western elites almost unlimited, free “money” & unfettered access to the world’s wealth
  • is zealously promoted as “freedom & democracy.”

Rule # 2:

Any country that

  • attempts to bypass the USD
  • restricts Western capital access (eg. through state owned/controlled assets & resources)
  • attempts to create alternatives to Western systems (eg. SWIFT, IMF, etc.)

becomes a target for regime-change.

Rule # 3:

Western regime-change playbook:

  • Find “moral” pretext
  • Label target country as autocracy / dictatorship / genocidal
  • Get Western media, NGOs & think tanks to promote allegations
  • Support coup & install puppet gov
  • Setup bases
  • Loot country.

Rule # 4:

The “rules-based international order” not only defrauds the global south, it also defrauds ordinary Westerners by allowing the rich to

  • influence policymaking through political lobbying… usually to the detriment of the masses
  • avoid paying taxes.

The power to create money out of nothing and use it to purchase real goods and services is a great one, and at the root of much of today’s big-picture political behavior. Not that our media will talk about it, or even discuss where money actually comes from.

Have you noticed that there’s a great deal more money around today than there was 20 or 40 years ago? We talk in trillions now, whereas a million dollars used to be a huge deal to an individual in the 1970s. Yet almost no one knows where money comes from. (Answer: money is created when a bank makes a loan — in most instances they are not lending someone else’s money.)

All that new money bought a lot of stuff and earned a lot of interest — for someone.