Our Fake Democracies: Wokeness is not just a political ideology, but a state religion

Our Fake Democracies: Wokeness is not just a political ideology, but a state religion. By Tucker Carlson.

Tucker at his best (first 15 mins):

European leaders run their countries pretty much the same way our leaders run our country. They yammer on endlessly about democracy, but then at the same time, they do their best to avoid democracy’s most basic requirements like free speech and representative government.

A few years ago, the prime minister of Italy at the time, Paolo Gentiloni, bragged to the World Economic Forum about his plans to “bring more social justice to the country” by which he meant importing many more thousands of poorly-educated economic migrants from the Third World into Italy. “We are very open on migration,” he said. “We are saving lives at sea.” Oh, saving lives, huh? Congratulations. You’re such a good person. But the question is, and it’s a relevant question in a democracy, what of the people who live in Italy, that would be your constituents, think of that idea?

Well, as the prime minister explained, he didn’t care. “A demand for more democracy not only is wrong, it’s even dangerous.” You following this? You run a country in the name of the people. You’re not a king. You’re a democratically-elected leader. You run it in the name of the people who live there, but at the same time, it’s “dangerous” to let the opinions of those people influence your decisions. Does that sound familiar? Oh, it does, because it’s exactly the kind of democracy that we live in, which is to say a fake one.

In fact, there is no majority in any country on planet Earth that thinks open borders are a good idea or that considers global warming the single biggest problem, or that thinks it’s wise to quarantine the entire population because of a flu virus.

No large group of people anywhere wants these things. But in the West everybody gets them anyway because politicians don’t care what you think. Your opinion is dangerous. “Shut up, racist.” So, it goes without saying this can’t last. A system like this cannot endure forever because it’s inherently unstable. You can’t tell people they’re in charge of their own government (It’s a democracy, we promise) and then ignore over decades their most strongly held opinions on things that matter. …

Meanwhile, parts of Italy are becoming flat out dangerous. That hasn’t happened before outside of Sicily, but it’s happening now. Why? Everyone knows why, and government statistics show why. It’s migrants who are driving much of the crime, a huge amount of the crime. …

Meloni is likely to become PM after election:

Meloni is one of the very few politicians who doesn’t care and is willing to say the obvious, the truth, out loud and as a result of that, because she’s been willing to say what everybody actually knows, last night, her party. called Brothers of Italy, won an overwhelming victory in Italy. …

GIORGIA MELONI: Everything we stand for is under attack. Our individual freedom is under attack. Our rights are under attack. The sovereignty of our nation is under attack. The prosperity and well-being of our families are under attack. The education of our children is under attack. In front of this, people understand that in this age, the only way of being rebels is to preserve what we are. The only way of being rebels is to be conservative. They will try to take everything away from us, but they cannot take away who we are. …

American families are facing the very same onslaught from the very same poisonous ideologies. The difference is that in this country, it’s rarely acknowledged except on the fringes. Meloni’s not on the fringes. She’s the new prime minister of Italy. She will be and she’s saying it out loud. ….

Here’s the incoming prime minister of Italy and as you watch this, ask yourself if you would vote for a candidate like this if you had the chance in our country.

MELONI: Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening? There is a single answer to all these questions. Because it defines us. Because it is our identity. Because everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who like us to no longer have an identity, and to simply be perfect consumer slaves. …

So that’s the person is being described all over American television, including on channels they should know better, as “far right.” That’s far right, really? …

If you want to establish totalitarian control over a country, of course you have to destroy the family first, because nobody with deep family loyalty, the one thing every person should have, no one who has that will ever pledge absolute obedience to a politician. Why would you?

Wokeness is not just a political ideology. It’s not just something annoying that emerged on college campuses that we can ignore. It’s a state religion that supplants actual religion, which is also being destroyed. There’s a reason the strip bars and the liquor stores and the weed dispensary stayed open under COVID, but the churches didn’t.

If you can’t draw the connection between those dots, you’re missing it, but Meloni didn’t miss it. She understands it perfectly. Watch.

MELONI: Only a few months ago, European Union bureaucrats brought a document hundreds of pages long, telling us that in order to be inclusive, we had to exclude all references to Christmas. Jesus, Mary and all Christian names were to be removed from all official communication. Will we surrender in front of this? No, we will not. We will fight it. We will find it standing tall.

So, they hate your family, they hate your religion, and you don’t actually have to put up with it because it’s a democracy, and you’re supposed to be in charge, you being the population. That’s a radical message? God, family, country. That’s not radical. … Not a word about climate or equity.

Wokeness is the state religion. But what about separation of church and state? What do we do when the church is the state?

hat-tip Stephen Neil