Xi under arrest, 80 KM Long Line of Military Vehicles Heads to Beijing

Xi under arrest, 80 KM Long Line of Military Vehicles Heads to Beijing. Persistent rumors are forming of a coup.

David Ganezer:

Jennifer Zeng now says her family knows a PLA admiral, who confirms that Pres. Xi has been removed as head of the Central Military Commission. However, the admiral apparently denies that Xi has been removed as President or Chairman of the CCP, so far. A video of Zeng explaining what she believes about Xi’s status, is embedded with this story. …

There is no group claiming a coup, but there are many strange goings-on.

Multiple reports say that the CCP Congress did not go well for Xi Jinping. Rumor has it that he is under arrest, as an 80 kilometer long column of armored vehicles moves into position in Hebei province, just West of Beijing. …

Here is a tweet from an ordinarily reliable reporter, Jennifer Zeng 曾錚@jenniferatntd: “#PLA military vehicles heading to #Beijing on Sep 22. Starting from Huanlai County near Beijing & ending in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, entire procession as long as 80 KM. Meanwhile, rumor has it that #XiJinping was under arrest after #CCP seniors removed him as head of PLA.”

Ansh Pandey:

On September 14th, … after a hiatus of two years, Xi departed for Central Asia by a special flight and attended the 22nd Summit of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). …

Xi had troubledly left for Beijing before the official winding up of the SCO Summit. …

Global media has no idea what is going on with Xi Jinping at his home. …

Chinese netizens have stormed Social Media timelines with reports that Beijing is under military seizure. The world, though, has no idea of what’s happening because the city is eventually cut off from the world.

According to News Highland Vision, former Chinese President, Hu Jintao and former Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao had persuaded Song Ping, the former member of the Standing Committee and retaken control of the Central Guard Bureau (CGB).

The purpose of CGB is to provide close personnel protection to members of the Politburo Standing Committee and other CCP leaders. The committee is also responsible for the protection of Xi Jinping.

As Hu and Wen retook control of CGB, information was conveyed to Jiang Zeng and the Central Committee members in Beijing via telephone. The original standing committee members abolished Xi’s military authority at that very moment.

Xi returned to Beijing on the evening of 16th September after learning the truth. However, he was detained at the airport and most probably is currently being held under house arrest in Zhongnanhai’s house. …

The netizens on Social Media have reported that over the last two days, Beijing airport canceled more than 6,000 domestic flights and international flights. Also, all tickets sold by the high-speed rail are suspended, and the rail is completely put out of function until further notice. Hours later, Chinese Civil Aviation notified airlines with Boeing MAX aircraft to resume their service.

Similar story here. Unable to confirm.

David Archibald:

Xi and Putin signed a secret pact (like the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact?) in February, which was so bad that it couldn’t get the approval from other CCP leaders.

The world is sitting on pins and needles to find out what’s taking place in Beijing. Thankfully we don’t have to wait for too long, as the seventh plenum session of the 19th Central Committee of the CCP will be held on October 7, and the 20th CCP National Congress will open on October 15. These dates are official.

Perhaps the Russians will be encouraged to depose Putin.