How I escaped the Left

How I escaped the Left. By Sasha Stone.

I now know what it’s like to stand on the other side of the Left. I know what it’s like to have people talk to you like you’re human garbage, what it must be like to see every single movie or ad reflecting only one ideology. I’ve been in the bubble and now I’m out of it. I can tell you, it’s much better on the outside. Freedom of the mind at last.

I just got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take the unfiltered rage coming from my side all aimed at one guy, Trump, along with his family and his supporters. It’s gross. It’s weird and it makes me very uncomfortable.

The weird part is, I didn’t vote for Trump and I don’t consider myself a “Trump supporter.” I just can’t listen to people talk about Trump or his supporters because they are talking about a person and people who do not actually exist. They have created exaggerated versions of a whole group of people to justify their hatred, their rage, their helplessness, and their hysteria.

Because I know they’re fighting against people who do not exist it’s hard for me to talk about it with them. I don’t want to argue about it and I can’t change their minds. There is no point. The few times I have tried I get the exact same reaction back from people who have a very limited experience of people they pretend to know. …

Corporates dance to the tune of the woke left:

It is surreal to watch the walls close around Corporate America to shut so many people out who do not go along with the new world order the Democrats have built.

If you want to see an example of this, watch the two cable news networks sometime — MSNBC and Fox. Look at what kinds of companies advertise on each of them. Fox blows away the competition in the ratings. You’d think that would mean they would have all of the major advertisers’ competition for time on their network. But of course, they don’t. “Woke Capitalism” means they can’t. They will be called out, and their reputation destroyed. Did you ever think this would be what American life was like in 2022?

They have decided it’s okay to smear people with “election deniers,” “extremists,” “White supremacists,” “insurrectionists,” “Domestic terrorists,” “racists,” “anti-vaxxers,” etc. Watching them do this every day makes me feel sick. But the forces in media and in the news are too powerful. There is no fighting it. They would have to do what I did, which is to spend a lot of time on the other side, getting to know them, seeing things from their point of view and respecting their beliefs.

A lefty who grew up and grew a conscience. Another potential DeSantis voter.