Huge Chinese academic cheating scandal exposed in Australia

Huge Chinese academic cheating scandal exposed in Australia. By Rhiannon Down.

A ghostwriter who has ­completed thousands of assignments for cashed-up students across Australia’s major univer­sities has blown the whistle on the Chinese company at the ­centre of a vast academic cheating scheme.

The Kenyan, who has asked to remain anonymous out of fear of reprisals, has revealed how he worked as a ghostwriter for Chinese company Assignment Joy, which for as little as $US100 ($149) per 1,000 words will ­arrange for struggling international students to have their ­assignments fraudulently written for them.

Over more than half a decade, the “academic writer” has penned assignments for bachelor degree and masters students in fields including nursing, health science, education, psychology and business administration for almost every major Australian university.

Dozens of orders and completed university assignments for Australian universities including the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, the University of South Australia, Macquarie University and Torrens University as well as several TAFEs, have been obtained by The Australian.

The ghostwriter said he knew about 50 other writers in the field personally, including several who he subcontracted to do assignments for him.

The multimillion-dollar shadow industry employs thousands of people across Kenya and South Africa because of their proficiency in English and low labour costs.

“It’s all kinds of students but the major market is Chinese foreign students; they’re 60 per cent of the entire market,” he said.

“There are also a lot of foreign students from Malaysia, those countries that don’t have good English.” …

In some cases students opt to hand over their login details to their university portal and allow the ghostwriter to handle the ­demands of their entire course on their behalf. …

“If you’ve seen all the things I’ve seen your mind would be blown,” the ghostwriter said.

“You would come to the conclusion that I have come to realise that the education system is just a sham.

“I have some students who I have worked for since their first year and I’ve done all the assignments until they graduate, just pass and get all the grades.

“The thing that makes me worried is the medical students who have never done even one assignment since their first day.”

Some of the credentialing role of universities could be replaced by a 1-hour IQ test. Save everybody time, but fewer nice jobs for bureaucrats.

As for actually learning something, that still requires hard work and honesty.