‘Historic Inflation, Stifling Taxation’ Are Part of World Economic Forum’s Plan for ‘The Great Reset’: Alex Barlow

‘Historic Inflation, Stifling Taxation’ Are Part of World Economic Forum’s Plan for ‘The Great Reset’: Alex Marlow. By Alana Mastrangelo.

Breitbart News’ Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow spoke at Turning Point USA’s Defeating The Great Reset conference on Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona …

“They’re using lavish parties and vacation destinations in beautiful parts of the world, and cajoling people with celebrities and world leaders to talk about climate change,” Marlow said of how the World Economic Forum gains power.

“By the way, if you want to go to one of these things, good luck getting there without a private plane,” the editor-in-chief quipped.

Marlow went on to explain that the WEF achieves its power by appealing to the egos of the elite, telling them, “You’re saving the world, and of course, you’ll be very powerful when you do save it. And all the powerful people are already in on it, and you don’t want to be left behind.”

In order to target the middle class, countries that have embraced the WEF vision suppress them “with stifling taxation and socialism,” Marlow added. “They make it harder to traverse from class to class.”

“They make it more difficult to stay in the middle class if you’re already there, because the tax burden falls so heavily on the middle classes in what we refer to as Western capitalist societies, though, I would say we’re kind of inching toward socialism here, when you start thinking about how 75 percent of medical expenditures are now done by the government,” he said….

These governments “distract the poor with bread and circus: addictive screens, tech, and then you buy off the rest of them by printing money — keep them stuck on their phones, scrolling.”

“Not doing anything productive, not reading a book, not writing a book, not starting a business, not trying to get that job and working those extra hours to have the capital to start your business,” he continued, adding that if anyone believes that isn’t good enough, they’ll “cut you a little check.”

“That’s how they don’t have any opposition,” Marlow said, before pointing to the recent Chinese coronavirus pandemic as a prime example.

“What happened during the pandemic?” Marlow asked. “A lot of Netflix and chill, and then the bag of cash where you just look at your bank account, and if you’re not in the middle or upper class, you’ve got a pile of money there.”

It all comes back to the power to print credible money. They’re overdoing it. Getting inflation, but have you got gold?