Lindsey Graham: Saboteur at work

Lindsey Graham: Saboteur at work. By Derek Hunter.

In that attempt to “matter” and “do something,” Senator Graham proposed this week to create a “new regulatory agency” to license companies like Twitter. As awful as these tech companies are and can be, the idea of a new regulatory agency is worse. Is there nothing that exists that could be repurposed? …

Graham’s proclamation on this new agency involves “teaming up” with Senator Elizabeth Warren, and there is no way she will ever allow for the shrinking of government or anything remotely good. How lost do you have to be to think Warren is an ally?

Graham’s abortion proposal:

But working with a Massachusetts liberal is hardly the biggest problem Graham created this week. For reasons unknown, as he is not up this cycle, Graham decided to undercut the conservative argument against Roe v Wade being overturned and introduce a federal abortion ban after 15 weeks.

You might agree with the sentiment, but the execution is a horrible idea.

First, it gives the left something to badger Republican candidates coast to coast on the issue. While that might play well in Georgia’s Senate race, it could be a different result in Pennsylvania or Ohio. Every campaign needs to be free to run however it deems best, they don’t need some jackass in DC dictating terms and arming their opponents. Now they’ll all have to answer about Graham’s proposal repeatedly.

Second, the conservative argument against Roe in a nutshell was it’s horribly decided, and should it be overturned it wouldn’t outlaw abortion but return it to the states. Democrats want to federalize abortion in the law, Republicans wanted it left to the states. Lindsey Graham’s legislation cedes the point to Democrats that this is an issue for the federal government.

Murder isn’t a federal crime, it’s a state crime. States should be able to decide for themselves their laws on most things, including abortion. If you want to outlaw it, it’s much easier to do it on a state-by-state basis than nationally. We’d just won the concept of federalism on abortion and Lindsey Graham came along and bombed it. Why?

This is the one issue that might allow the Dems to win the midterms fairly. Graham has walked right into it. How can he not know? Whose side is he on? He doesn’t really like Trump or Desantis, does he?