Biden Dictatorship “Asking about Election Fraud has become a Crime”!

Biden Dictatorship “Asking about Election Fraud has become a Crime”! By Tucker Carlson, warning about the loss of democracy happening in real time in the US.

The United States has a two-party political system, has for our whole lifetimes. If the leader of one party who happens to be the president redefines the other party not as a political party, but as a criminal organization, what is he doing? Well, of course, he is demanding a one-party state, and that’s what Biden is doing and he’s using federal law enforcement to make it happen. …

You can’t just say openly, “I want a one-party state with me at the head.” No, you have to make the other side unacceptable. So, when Biden talks about Trump voters, he doesn’t talk about voters or Americans. He describes an insurgency. He implies an armed rebellion, not unlike the Confederate Army. Trump voters, Biden tells us, aren’t just wrong. They tried to overthrow the U.S. government and you can’t debate people like that. You have to crush them. …

This is the language of totalitarianism. It’s very obvious and in a functioning system that wanted to remain democratic, people in power would push back against it. The media, business, any responsible person would say, “No, you can’t do that. That’s too much power. We can’t vest all the power in one political party. That’s the road to something awful.”

But no one’s pushing back. In fact, daily, the media reinforce the message. Daily, the media remind us that anyone who has questions about the outcome of the last election isn’t a disgruntled voter. That person is a criminal. That person has embraced the big lie. You see it in every news story “the big lie.” People like that are irrational and dangerous and they will be punished and rightly so and now they are being punished.

Yesterday afternoon, FBI agents apprehended a man called Mike Lindell at a Hardee’s drive thru in Minnesota and they seized his personal cell phone, the one he does business on.

Mike Lindell is not a wanted criminal. He’s not even a public official. Mike Lindell, as you likely know, sells pillows, especially on this channel. So why would the FBI, armed FBI agents be apprehending Mike Lindell? Because he questioned the outcome of the last election. He participated in the big lie. He’s a threat to the system. That is the consensus view in Washington now.

This is a very big change. In a free society, by definition, all questions are allowed. You can’t have a democracy unless you are allowed to discuss its mechanics. Free speech is a prerequisite for a democratic system, obviously and until very recently, everyone in America unquestioningly understood that. Dissent was not a crime. It was a patriotic act and people committed it at scale, especially Democrats.

For years after the 2000 election, Democrats claim that George W. Bush was not the legitimate president. Some still say it. They may believe it and then in 2016, the entire Democratic Party rejected the outcome of the presidential election. A foreign power got Donald Trump elected. Democrats said that and they continued to say it every single day of Donald Trump’s term. They impeached him over it. They hamstrung the executive branch of the U.S. government with an investigation into Russian influence that in the end turned up nothing.

What would you call that? You would call that election denial. You call that the big lie, but no one was punished for it. No judge removed Adam Schiff from office for doubting the election results. The FBI didn’t raid CNN’s biggest advertisers. Everyone just moved on. You may have hated the Russia hoax, and we certainly did, but there was never any question that all American citizens have an absolute, constitutionally protected right to question election outcomes and by the way, you weren’t even allowed, maybe even encouraged to question the mechanics of voting. Why wouldn’t you question them? Voting is the means by which huge amounts of money and power are transferred from one party to another. …

The Democrats have questioned election results big time for two decades — but now it’s a “crime”?

CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD: Because I think [Trump’s] an illegitimate president that didn’t really win, so how do you, you know, fight against that in 2020?

KAMALA HARRIS: You are absolutely right. So, again, as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I will tell you that we should believe exactly what the intelligence community has told us, which is Russia did interfere in the election of the president of the United States in 2016.

That clip is from three years ago. This is how insane the conversation we’re having is right now. No one seems to remember that. … This Sunday, like three days ago that that same person, Kamala Harris, did a taped interview with NBC News and Chuck Todd, the comb-over guy, to explain that Republicans who have the same questions about the last election that she had about the election before, that should not be allowed to hold office. It’s a threat to the republic that they are running for office. In other words, democracy is a threat to democracy. This is the currency of the Democratic Party and has been for years. Lose the election, immediately question the election. Stacey Abrams anyone?

We can show you dozens and dozens and dozens of clips like this, not from small time people, from Kamala Harris, from Hillary Clinton, from Karine Jean-Pierre. You get the point. This is crazy, but under Joe Biden, the Department of Justice appears to be doing everything it can to criminalize questions about the last election. Complain about election fraud, the FBI might show up. …

If you’re going to have a functioning country, a free society, a democracy, you have to have equal justice under the law and in that case, no Democrat had his or her home raided by the FBI for doing this. None of them were removed from elected office by judges.

It’s too much and they’re so aggressive about it and the threat of federal law enforcement is so omnipresent that they’ve effectively silenced all opposition and the few who are speaking out about it are a real threat to the people in charge, not simply because they are trying to relitigate the last election — that’s over. But because they’re brave enough to say what they really think. That’s the point. They’re brave enough to stand up for their constitutional right to free speech.

Rig just one election, and you have to rig every election thereafter because you are afraid the other side will investigate what happened and throw the wrongdoers in jail. Before you know it, you have to fix the system permanently — outlaw the other side, except some tame pets. It’s happening, right now.