Most Americans don’t want Trump or Biden to run in 2024: poll

Most Americans don’t want Trump or Biden to run in 2024: poll. By Max Greenwood.

Two-thirds of voters surveyed – 67 percent – said that Biden shouldn’t seek another term in the Oval Office, with nearly half citing their belief that he’s a bad president as the reason why. Another 30 percent said it’s simply because Biden, who would be 84 by the time he takes the Oath of Office again, is too old for the job.

Fifty-seven percent said that [Trump] shouldn’t mount another bid for the White House, despite his repeated hints that he plans to do so. … Thirty-six percent said that it’s because he is “erratic,” while another 33 percent said they believe he will divide the country. Nearly as many — 31 percent — pointed to his role in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. …

Republicans, however, remain loyal to Trump, with 59 percent of GOP voters saying they would cast their ballot for him in the 2024 presidential primary. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, meanwhile, comes in a distant second place at 17 percent support. Without Trump on the primary ballot, however, DeSantis would be the clear favorite for the GOP nomination.

No Clintons, Bushes, or Obamas either, please.