Green Globalism is the Ultimate Expression of White Supremacy

Green Globalism is the Ultimate Expression of White Supremacy. Edward Ring.

There has been broad recognition of late that the American Left projects their own flawed proclivities onto their political opponents. …

Maybe the biggest projection of all is the common leftist accusation that the Right is dominated by white supremacists.

The first thing to observe here is that the American Left — its leadership, its donors, and its corporate partners — “diversity, equity and inclusion” notwithstanding — is itself dominated by whites. And apart from their rhetoric, they certainly aren’t doing anything to help nonwhites. From welfare to affirmative action to avoidable cost-of-living increases, every policy the Left implements has the effect of disproportionately marginalizing and impoverishing nonwhites. …

Climate change being used to push for global government — by you know who:

If life on Earth will come to an end unless all nations achieve “net zero” emissions by 2050, but so far the only nations attempting to achieve this goal are white Western nations, then to save the earth, those nations that are not complying must be forced to comply. …

Within a decade or two, with another generation of Westerners reaching adulthood firmly convinced the world will come to an end if “net zero” is not achieved, the green agenda will be a marketable justification for world war. …

Meanwhile, disparaging actual white supremacists, who represent a vanishingly small fraction of American and European far-right agitators, is a useful rallying cry for the Left. But to think this accusation has any strategic relevance is small thinking.

What the white-ruled regimes of the world (including the United States, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and most of the rest of the nations of Western Europe) are doing is using the “climate emergency” and its attendant green globalist agenda to control and eventually conquer the world.

Another example of small thinking is when right-of-center Americans decry how globalists are undermining American sovereignty. Because they’re right, but if that’s the entire scope of their criticism, they’re missing the bigger picture. White, Western globalists are undermining every nation’s sovereignty.

Green white supremacy:

I remember a few years ago speaking with a liberal friend who, like me, had been critical of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. But when I asked my friend, hypothetically, if he would support America invading Brazil to save the Amazon rainforest, he lit up with enthusiasm. Without hesitation he proclaimed wholehearted support for such an adventure.

This is the populist face of green white supremacy. … Say it’s for the earth, and onto the imperialist war wagon they will jump. By the millions. Just be sure to paint the wagon green.

Whites conquering the world, again:

The environmental movement has always been dominated by whites. With rare exceptions, every trailblazing leader was white, and the movement today is overwhelmingly white.

These people are overwhelmingly white, from the environmentalist power brokers that lead that corrupted movement today, to the plutocrats that define and implement the globalist agenda. What a terrific new bludgeon the climate emergency provides them.

White globalists now have a moral justification to control the world: All resource consumption must be monitored and managed, or life on earth will come to an end. …

Lefty projection:

It is in this context that the American Left, which is now synonymous with the globalist establishment, accuses their political opponents of being white supremacists, or “adjacent” to white supremacists. It is the greatest projection of them all.

Whites who oppose the green global agenda, along with everyone else who opposes it, must realize they are fighting together against what is possibly the most potent supremacist movement in world history.

A movement driven by an ideological green polestar that brooks no compromise and will countenance anything to fulfill the mission.

The science behind it is mostly bogus too.