Biden’s Boundless Hypocrisy

Biden’s Boundless Hypocrisy. By Ed Driscoll.

No Feelings:

The worst societies are those where there’s no fear of defensive or retaliatory violence.

There will always be bad people willing to initiate acts of violence. Some really enjoy it.

Where they’re not afraid of what will happen to them when they start getting violent, they come out and run amok, as we see in places like Portland. They steal, beat, even kill. The government does nothing because the people in power find this violence useful.

The moment the mayor said, “Let me be clear. The next person who throws a rock downtown, blocks a street, or marches towards the police, will be shot down where they stand. And the next. And the next,” there would be no Antifa. …


The crowning glory of the Dem insurrection attempts of 2020 was the actual taking of US territory by the CHAZ dirtbags (and the GIVING of US territory by the Mayor of Seattle, as if she had that authority).

You cannot get any more insurrectiony than actually taking territory and trying to declare a new country on it.


He must’ve forgot that they embraced riots and violence a few years ago…

Such obvious points that the media avoids.