Foreign Rule By the Global Uniparty

Foreign Rule By the Global Uniparty. By John Carter.

The Liberal World Order is increasingly seen as the Liberal Occupation Government. …

How, we wonder, did it come to this? No doubt they wonder the same thing. And therein lies the answer.

We. They. We aren’t the same tribe anymore.

The global ruling tribe emerged:

Over the last several decades, international jet travel and instantaneous telecommunications have conspired to create a global class of technocrats and managers who have far more in common with one another than they do with the people over whom they rule. While no more homogeneous (and no less so) than any other tribe, their fashions, tastes, beliefs, and values are all more or less in alignment. They eat the same food, wear the same clothes, listen to the same music, appreciate the same artists. They go to the same places for their vacations, and they congregate in the same places for their conferences. They’ve become a tribe distinct from the people over whom they rule.

Something very similar happened in Europe during the days of the landed aristocracy. While there were naturally differences between the nobilities of different countries — no one would mistake an English country gentleman for a Prussian aristocrat — centuries of intermarriage gradually led to the noble houses of different lands perceiving themselves as having far more in common with one another than they did with the peasants over whom they ruled.

The problem, however, is that it leads to a lack of trust.

Some of the globalists realize that. During the last Davos meeting, there was a clip of one of the worthies (Ngaire Woods of the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commision) lamenting that

The good news is the elite across the world trust each other more and more … the bad news is that the majority of people trusted that elite less….

We are now ruled by the global uniparty, effectively by foreigners:

The ruling class are therefore no longer perceived as the elites of their respective countries, organically risen from their local populations to fulfill leadership roles in those national communities. Instead, they are experienced as members of a different tribe, which have been imposed upon the nations from without. …


Their slogans went global

The result is something very much like foreign rule during the days of colonialism. Our leaders may, for the most part, have been drawn from the ethnic groups dominating the nations, unlike in the colonial system, but no one really believes that they in are any meaningful way members of those nations.

Foreign rule isn’t always a bad thing. There have been many empires throughout history that were perfectly stable and prosperous for centuries. The key is that the alien ruling class must rule with a light hand.

Local beliefs and customs must be respected; so long as tribute is paid, levies raised, and the laws respected, locals may do as they please. The stability of any empire rests on mutual respect: subject peoples are wary of the power of the rulers, but grudgingly respect their fairness, and appreciate the stability and opportunity for commerce that stability brings; while the rulers, in turn, respect the gods of the locals, allow them to run their affairs as they see fit, and keep some reasonable share of the fruits of their labours.

Deplorables — yuk:

What no imperial system can survive is the development of open contempt amongst the ruling class for the people they lord it over. Sadly, human nature being what it is, it is extremely easy for a ruling class, especially an alien ruling class, to fall into such contempt. Especially if they feel too secure in their power.

Wise rulers understand just how fragile power is, that it ultimately relies on the agreement of the governed that, all things considered, it is best to submit … a calculation more likely to come out in the rulers’ favour if the cost of submission is low.

Our ruling class no longer bothers to hide their contempt. They despise our customs, our traditions, our way of life, and even our very genetic lineage, and have openly committed themselves to ripping it all up by the root and imposing their dystopian new system by force.

They couldn’t be more clear about this, and it is a message that has been received by people the world over. They do not perceive themselves as having anything in common with the villainous commoners, and they intend to strip away all of our old liberties, religions, and whatever scraps of wealth we’ve managed to retain, to take it all for themselves. …

Not a conspiracy, but just social and technological evolution:

This situation may have been inevitable. Not a conspiracy per se — … but rather the natural outcome of a process by which the leadership caste of hundreds of countries comes to see itself as being a people apart.

Once they came to see themselves as a distinct tribe, once they gained class consciousness, they were always going to begin working in their interests … and against those of the people over whom they rule.

Failing us:

This creates an insurmountable problem for them. The first and highest function of a ruling class is to ensure stability and prosperity for the people over whom it rules. A ruling class that has ceased to do so, that rules in its own interests because it does not see itself as an elite from the people but an elite other than the people, will invariably lose the Mandate of Heaven.

Following this, the only thing that reigns is chaos. Poverty, crime, war, plague, and famine rage across the land. And, well, look around. The globalist system is creating nothing but catabolic system collapse. We’re in the early stages but we can all see the storm approaching.

The very rich and the professional 5% of the population who serve them, and the bureaucrats and all the institutions, have become a common class with common interests. They are the uniparty that has emerged in each western country, linking up to form the global ruling set.

And what a poor job they are doing at making society better. But what a good job they are doing at making themselves richer and more powerful.