For the Deep State, Trump Was Never President. Will he be arrested soon?

For the Deep State, Trump Was Never President. Will he be arrested soon? By Christopher Roach.

Trump was an enemy of business-as-usual and had a unique everyman style, and they hated him for it. Members of the executive branch, whose power is on loan from the president, imagined themselves to be part of the Constitution’s system of checks and balances, accountable only to the hive mind of Washington, D.C.

At first, they said he “stole the 2016 election” through “Russian collusion.” Once he was in office, they treated him as an interloper and continued to obstruct him in the name of middlebrow, career-government-worker ideology. Recall Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman’s paeans to the “interagency process.” During his presidency, military subordinates lied to Trump and sabotaged his plans, the civilian bureaucracy made a virtue of being #TheResistance, and he was harried for most of his term by FBI investigations and plots among the intelligence services.

The contrast between the unelected government’s treatment of Trump and Biden is manifest. General Mark Milley was all broken up about “being used for a photo-op” when Trump visited a riot-scarred Lafayette Square. Today, Milley has no problem with two Marines flanking Joe Biden in an extreme partisan speech last week. …

If the military, the Justice Department, and the deep state would not treat Trump as president while he was in office, they certainly won’t give him deference as a former president today. The current persecution of Trump is designed to keep him from becoming president again. Like his persecution during his presidency, the process is distracting and expensive and staged to embarrass and humiliate him regardless of the outcome.

If Trump is arrested — which I think is increasingly likely after Biden’s speech last week — they hope to use the optics of an arrest as an additional basis to prevent his reelection in 2024. They will also use his supporters’ angry reaction, as well as any excesses, to further demonize and crack down upon “MAGA Republicans.”

How the deep state, the media, and the current president have treated Trump reveals that all the pious talk of Our Democracy™ is a pretext and a lie. For four years, they bent and broke every rule in the book in order to keep the people’s choice from governing. Today, they are breaking every rule to prevent him from becoming president again. This is the very opposite of democracy.

No way is Trump going to be allowed to be president again. Imagine the payback!

They will if they have to:

Could the uniparty tolerate another president who champions the interests of ordinary people ever again? Desantis jumps to mind. Or is autocracy settling in? Will other western countries copy?