Covid was a deliberately released slow kill bioweapon and the “vaccine’ itself is part of it

Covid was a deliberately released slow kill bioweapon and the “vaccine’ itself is part of it. By the 2nd Smartest Man in the World.

The below unedited exchange on whether COVID-19 was an accidental lab leak or a deliberate bioweapon attack took place two days ago between two scientists.

Scientist A is a molecular geneticist, entrepreneur and technologist.

Scientist B is a professor emeritus of epidemiology and senior research scientist in epidemiology at an Ivy League school.

A: These two articles … published give step by step instructions on how to use the “Blastin” US Gene Database to look up sequences to see if they are recorded as found in nature and also to check if sequences of both DNA and Amino Acids are registered with the US patent office.

They showed that the infamous Furin cleavage site on the spike protein of Sarscov2 [covid] did not evolve naturally and that it was found in the US patent database owned and registered with none other than Moderna in 2015. …

This is completely reproducible evidence that Sarscov2 is indeed manmade; it is a bioweapon, and it was not leaked, it was deliberately released.

It is time to stop using the propaganda narrative phrase “lab leak.” It was a well-planned in advance bioterror operation.

B: Bioweapon does not follow. It proves the sequence was created by Moderna in hMSH3. That altered gene has a beneficial function in culturing SARS viruses in humanized mouse lung epithelial cells.

Moderna designed the sequence so that it would incorporate itself into the SARS virus genome at replication, including the furin cleavage site. So Moderna made and loaded the gun and let WIV play with it until it fired.

B: More likely, Moderna created a risky tool to make a virus that would be managed with a vaccine that…Moderna would create. The Winnipeg activity was on the lipid nanoparticles as far as I understand, and the techs escaped to China with IP, but that doesn’t imply that it was designed as a bioweapon. No smoking gun unless you can provide more specific evidence.

A: The lipid nanoparticles had nothing to do with the Level 4 Winnipeg bioweapons lab. The research for these was done by the University of British Columbia. …

Canada gets a royalty each time a mRNA shot is sold; in fact, Canada has a monopoly on this technology. No wonder Justin Trudeau said in early April 2020, “no new normal until we have a vaccine” when this was not advertised at the time as the only solution. …

B: So that gets the Trudeau family royalties which is major [conflict of interest], but not smoking gun for bioweapon.

A: All well and good except as you are no doubt aware: …

1) The perpetrators of these crimes went to a great deal of trouble to insist that this thing was of “natural origin”. … The patent database dispelled that notion.

2) The crucial role of [Ace2] in SARS coronavirus–induced lung injury has been known since 2005

3) Sure enough, the spike protein key lethal features all surround down regulating Ace2 …

The famous watchmaker’s argument that supports the existence G-d could be deployed here where you argue that all of these genetically engineered and lethal features were an unfortunate coincidence that sadly led to a slow-kill bioweapon.

The difference, in this case, is that I got to talk with “G-d” i.e. the people that actually were doing this research: Dr. Li Meng Yan, and the whistleblower from the Winnipeg Lab. Dr Li Meng Yan who confirmed that the Chinese spies at the Winnipeg Lab ended up at the Wuhan lab and has published many papers that this was a bioweapon.

Trudeau has completely obstructed any enquires about what went on at the Winnipeg lab. Now we all know why!

B: I think the parallel damage is likely incidental. The virus’s main goal is to use the ACE2 receptor to enter cells. … I don’t know of convincing evidence that they engineered other toxic components of the spike protein. …

A: One of the main collaborators of this GOF Research was ZhengLi-Shi. This paper from 2010 shows that they inserted the HIV Glycoprotein 120 ostensibly to enhance infectivity. The HIV Glycoprotein 120 is a prion that induces prion diseases and this has been known for decades. …

What we do know is that mutations happen one nucleotide at a time. For 12 additional nucleotides to evolve in that particular order on this particular virus statistically would take hundreds of thousands of years, if at all.

Taken in the context of the vaccine developed around it where it was obvious that it would have no benefit as it would quickly become obsolete against a very specific protein sequence as the virus mutates and the pre pandemic preparations Event 201, etc. and finally the predictable lethal consequences as described above there is no doubt that this was a deliberately released slow kill bioweapon and the “vaccine’ itself is part of it.

David Archibald:

It seems that Moderna created the virus so they could sell vaccines.

Fauci’s motivation, apart from royalty payments and ecolooniness, was to make virology great again.

Moderna sues Pfizer, BioNTech for mRNA patent infringement. By Zoey Becker.

Moderna has filed patent infringement lawsuits in the U.S. and Germany accusing Pfizer and its partner BioNTech of stepping on patents that Moderna says it filed between 2010 and 2016. Pfizer and BioNTech have reeled in tens of billions of dollars with their world-leading COVID-19 vaccine Comirnaty, so a win for Moderna in either case could be quite lucrative.

hat-tip David Archibald