The left is reintroducing racism into Australia

The left is reintroducing racism into Australia. By Rowan Dean.

Our beloved country under Labor’s proposed ‘Voice’ will become one gigantic apartheid state. Australia will boast apartheid and racial segregation from Broome to Ballina, from Cape York to Cockle Creek.

Racism, rather than mateship, is to be our overriding creed. …

When the qualification for being part of a body such as the ‘Voice’ can be reached only by members of one race, the Aboriginal race, all other races are excluded. That is racism.

Ramesh Thakur reminds us, ‘It will be impossible to put the genie of racialised identity back in the bottle, ever.’ He goes on to quote US Chief Justice John Roberts, who said: ‘The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.’

It is a sentiment that was beautifully articulated by actor Morgan Freeman back in 2005 — before the Left decided to weaponise America’s dormant racial animosity as a modern political tool. …

Unfortunately, the prism of race has become a default setting thanks to the relentless push of the modern Left to foment racial hatred and instil grievances in order to garner votes.

We are at the point where the conversation about race has gone beyond parody and descended into outright lunacy. Time keeping is racist. Maths is racist. Golf balls are a product of colonial exploitation. It’s a miracle teachers are still allowed to write on blackboards with white chalk.

This absurdity has a darker side, such as white students being restricted in common spaces of some American colleges to avoid something called ‘white violence’. … And when it comes to the downright terrifying, groups in South Africa are walking around openly shouting, ‘Kill the Boer, kill the farmers!’ This is a call to murder based on race.

Infecting Australia now:

In Australia, we are blessed to have largely escaped racial violence and extreme racial tensions, but for how much longer? This is what concerns me.

The last few years have seen increasing agitation about race in this country. Under Labor, these racial differences could soon be enshrined in our Constitution. We are doing the very opposite of what Morgan Freeman and John Roberts advised.

Instead of ceasing our conversation about race, we have made it the number one national priority. It is all we talk about. Indeed, we are being forced to talk about it and everyone will have to keep talking about it in the lead-up to, during, and after the referendum — whatever the result.

Australia will end up talking about race forever.

This is not the path to reconciliation. I fear it is the beginning of a new Australia. An Australia that judges its citizens by the sins of their ancestors and colour of their skin. An Australia redefined through race and underpinned by a re-writing of history, malicious myth, untruths, propaganda, and parasitic activism that helps no one except itself.

Someone should tell the left that this is not the route to political power. Sigh. They will damage the country, only to find out the hard way.

The left even say that color-blind is racist, and the Australian left are keen to find new ways to treat people differently on the basis of race. How long before we have government-issued cards that officially proclaim your race, like in the old South Africa?