Proof that the Aboriginal Voice is all about race

Proof that the Aboriginal Voice is all about race. By The Spectator Australia.

Australia’s prime minister was recently joined by basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, who expressed his support to build Indigenous voice to parliament. The Australian left loved it.

Only a moron would fail to see that there is no possible connection between this particular African American celebrity and those who are supposedly crying out for a ‘Voice’ to represent them in our parliament other than… the colour of his skin.

There is literally nothing whatsoever that qualifies Mr ‘Shaq’ to speak on behalf of a single dispossessed or aggrieved indigenous Australian other than… the colour of his skin.

There is no linkage, no matter how remote or tenuous or contrived, between a wealthy retired basketball player and the complexities involved in changing our constitution other than… the colour of his skin.

There is no line that can be drawn in any credible way between alleged past atrocities committed against aborigines that can only be addressed through an entire new apparatus of government and a man who has made millions of dollars out of throwing a basketball around than… the colour of his skin.

Which leads to the inescapable conclusion — denied repeatedly by anxious commentators and politicians alike — that the Voice is about race, it is wholly about race, and it is about nothing but race.

As if it’s not obvious:

Shaquille O’Neal has gone on record praising Donald Trump. So it can’t have been his politics that conferred divine status upon him, either. What on earth could it have been?

Oh, that’s right… the colour of his skin.

Tanya Plibersek, another of Mr Albanese’s … ministers, decided that what qualified The Shaq for such a privileged role in promoting the Voice is his support for Black Lives Matter. Except, Mr O’Neal has been just as vocal in supporting the police against the supporters of BLM. So, no, it can’t be that. Which takes us back to her undoubted appreciation of… the colour of his skin.

Mr O’Neal is here to make a buck and we wish him well in that endeavour. That he was canny enough to use the preening, patronising racism of our left-leaning politicians and media to his own advantage is no indictment on him but a savage indictment of them. What this episode — savagely condemned by both Jacinta Price and Lidia Thorpe alike — demonstrates is that the Labor leadership team are as gullible and foolish as star-struck teenage girls.

And they like to call others racists. The modern left is obsessed with race. Leftist’s insults are always projection.