Why America Can’t Win World War III

Why America Can’t Win World War III. By John Carter.

A quick recap of the last decade:

The contempt with which the monied managerial midwits hold the poors has lately become absolutely impossible for anyone save the wilfully blind to ignore.

For a long time now the white working class has been subjected to continuous lecturing over its moral shortcomings. They are considered backwards, bigoted racists, descended from slave-holders, living on land stolen from genocided Indians, animated by hatred of the racial other, cowering from phobias of men who like men and men who like to wear dresses, clinging pathetically to the fairy tales of their Bible and their sad belief in the magic sky fairy, and if they are unlucky enough to have been born with a penis their every expression of a masculine impulse is savagely mocked as toxic and retrograde, evidence that they want to rape every poor defenseless woman they glance at (that and they’re probably gay).

A few years ago these people peaceably revolted, electing to power a reality TV star they dropped on DC like a bunker buster, hoping the chaos he would cause would bring down their oppressors or, failing that, provide some entertainment at their expense.

In response, the drooling class simply stole the subsequent presidential election. They did it in broad daylight, in front of everyone, in the most obvious fashion possible, and then brazenly denied that they had done so. It was like a kid with his hands in the cookie jar, chin covered in crumbs, staring you in the eyes and saying, “What cookie?” When the outraged we-the-people pressed the issue, examples were made. Political prisoners were taken, and a hundred million people woke up to discover that overnight they had been promoted from sexist-racist-bigot to white supremacist insurgent terrorist.

The GAE [Global American Empire] managed to retain control of the levers of government, but at the cost of alienating the citizenry, who no longer see the regime as possessing a shred of legitimacy.

You broke it, it’s yours:

And the regime thinks that these people will volunteer to fight for them? What, exactly, is their line of persuasion to be? “We’ve called you hateful racists for your entire lives, we’ve spat on your ancestors’ graves, torn down your statues, and done everything in our power to make you miserable and humiliated. We locked you in your homes for two years and forced you to take poisonous jabs for reasons you all know is bullshit. Your country calls you!” …

Destroying the fighting people:

The epidemic social, psychological, and physical pathologies that have been inflicted on the captive American populace aren’t just a problem in terms of motivating them to fight.

It’s also absolutely destroyed the quality of human capital available to the war machine. The Pentagon has been complaining for years now that it’s been having trouble meeting recruitment goals, and that’s in peace time (with the the small exception of the extended live fire exercise that was the War on Terror). The primary issue is that burgers are so fat and weak that most of them can’t make the cut for machine-gun fodder.

The military has responded by lowering training standards. Don’t let the barely acceptable be the enemy of the mediocre and all that. That’s also been driven by ideological concerns. It turns out that, no, we’re not all alike, and the female of the species really isn’t set up physically for the rigours of combat. Nor, for that matter, are the various sub-species of H. sapiens intellectually or temperamentally interchangeable. …

Tell me you wouldn’t follow them to hell and back

This has resulted in all sorts of fun, such as female captains colliding with other ships, catastrophic fires breaking out on ships because no one knows how to put them out, female pilots crashing on aircraft carriers, and in one incident an entire crew breaking out in freaking tears when they were briefly captured by the Iranians.

Most of these incidents seem to occur in the navy, which also happens to be the most left-leaning of the military branches, and probably not coincidentally the most air-conditioned, comfortable, and urban. For a thallasocracy such as America, that’s kind of a problem, because the navy is by definition the backbone of such an empire. …

As an aside, it turns out that females acquire PTSD much more rapidly than males do in war zones. This isn’t terribly surprising when you think about it. Given that males were equipped by evolution or God with the necessary physique for combat, it only makes sense that the necessary emotional tools would also be provided; and likewise, that women would not be born with these natural psychological defenses. What are the military implications of an army in which a considerable fraction of the soldiers aren’t only physically unsuited to combat, not only poorly trained for it, but break down completely within days of exposure to the horrors of war? “Sorry Captain we can’t advance, our gunner is having a cry in the foxhole.”

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