Macron’s End of Abundance

Macron’s End of Abundance. By David Archibald.

In 2014 I published a book entitled Twilight of Abundance.

The book detailed the problems for the world that were coming in the 2020s:

  • Cooling climate, with consequent lower agricultural production
  • Starvation in the belt from Morocco to Afghanistan
  • Pakistan’s nuclear bomb program
  • Chinese aggression
  • Peak oil.

Eight years on and it is all happening on schedule, though with some unforeseen complications that will make the task ahead quite difficult indeed.

At least one world leader has recognized that the good times are over. Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron warned of an ‘end of abundance’ and hoped that French citizens wouldn’t become too upset at having a lower standard of living.


In terms of the book’s climate predictions, the temperature of the planet has been essentially flat for the last thirty years. Peak temperature was in 2016 with a downtrend since then. …

Food in the middle east:

With respect to starvation in the Middle East-North Africa belt, the US has ended its attempt to turn Afghanistan into a copy of Switzerland, so it no longer has any interest in keeping the Afghans fed. … But the world is on the cusp of an enormous increase in the cost of nitrogen fertilizer prices and diesel. Large chunks of the planet spend 30% to 60% of their income on food so when the price of food doubles, their discretionary income disappears.


The Pakistani nuclear weapons program is still chugging along. … Nuclear weapons are cheap. Pakistan spent US$20 million per annum for ten years. Their whole program only cost some US$200 million until their first bomb. Similarly, South Africa spent US$250 million and produced six gun-type U235 free-fall bombs by the late 1980s. They dismantled those bombs at the end of apartheid rather than hand them over to the new ANC government. Dirt-poor North Korea now has a stock of nuclear weapons. All the worst people in the world now have nuclear weapons, except for Iran. …

Chinese aggression:

The view that China is nasty, aggressive, evil and a thoroughly malign influence on the world was relatively fresh in 2014; it is now mainstream. They lie, cheat and steal. They are irredendist and are plotting to take chunks of territory from all their neighbors. … As a Russian naval analyst said, any Chinese territorial claim not being actively pursued is merely in abeyance.

China has been preparing for war but the planets are not aligning for them. The evolution of electronics over the last 20 years has favoured the defence. Taiwan will be too difficult to invade, so they are likely to revert to invading Vietnam. … But Vietnam is likely to chew up the invading Chicoms, as the Ukrainians have done to the Russians, but even easier because of the jungle terrain instead of open plains. When antitank missiles were developed in WW2, their effective range was about 30 meters and taking on a tank with them was near suicidal. The range is now over four kilometers. …


King Hubbert wrote a paper in 1956 entitled Nuclear Energy and the Fossil Fuels that contains this figure:



As that figure from 66 years ago shows, our fossil fuel endowment was enough to get civilization started, to show us what was possible. It would have been difficult to go directly from horse-drawn carts and sailing ships to nuclear power. If we don’t develop the right form of nuclear power then we will end up at horse-drawn carts and sailing ships. Every day’s delay in developing the right form of nuclear power makes the task ahead more difficult.

Much is made these days of the potential of electric vehicles. It may be that the cost of recycling tips the scales in favour of using electric power from nuclear plants to making hydrocarbon fuels as a way of storing energy, rather than charging batteries. It could be that carting around a 471 kg battery (the weight of the battery in a Tesla 3) and dissolving it in acid every ten years to recycle it takes more energy than providing an internal combustion vehicle with liquid hydrocarbon fuel. By comparison the weight of the engine in a Honda Civic is 138 kg, with much simpler recyling. …

Covid and other plagues:

In a world in which people are stupid enough to believe in global warming, we have an added complication in that a number of elites have chosen to release plagues upon the rest of us. We will start of with one of the simpler ones.

Sweden was a happy, successful monoculture with a high standard of living thanks to advanced manufacturing. But the Swedish elite grew disdainful of ordinary Swedes, so they decided to import — unnecessarily — a whole lot of Muslim immigrants, just to rub their noses in it. The result is that Sweden now has a much higher level of crime, which has degraded life for the Swedish elite as well as for ordinary Swedes. This paper says that 1% of the population of Sweden are responsible for 63% of the violent crime. The situation in Sweden is likely to end in civil war. …

But the WEF people — Klaus Schwab and his acolytes — are amateurs at killing people compared to the gang that brought us covid: Fauci, Daszak, Batwoman, and Gates. …

Covid has four inserts from HIV in the spike protein:



The inserts are labelled UR1 to UR4. Why did the designers of covid put bits of HIV into it? Bioweapons researchers think that HIV is a wonderful disease because it doesn’t kill people straight away. It suppresses the immune system so that the infected die of cancers and fungal infections and other viruses. Nobody died of HIV in their first year of infection, but everyone was dead by year 10. The problem with HIV as a bioweapon is that it is hard to transmit. It was largely a disease of gays because they had so many partners (some averaged three new partners a day). Much the same as monkeypox today.

In the meantime SARS and MERS had been developed as bioweapons, but both burned too hot, with case fatality rates of 30%. As a Johns Hopkins document predicted in 2017, the next pandemic would be a variant of SARS with the case fatality rate lowered to 0.6%, so that people could think it was no worse than the flu and that they could live with it. That prediction duly came to pass and now people are being reinfected with covid more frequently than their rate of flu infections.

So how did HIV kill over 10 years? That virus remained hidden in the immuno-privileged parts of the central nervous system, so it is a persistent infection. It is the same as covid, which is persistent in the central nervous system, the reproductive tract and gut. As one virologist friend puts it: “You will clear the infection when they hit the ignition button on the crematorium.” This is why the delta variant kept being found in sewage samples long after it was taken over by omicron. This is why the Chicoms used anal swabs to test for covid. …

The vaccines have made people more likely to be infected (due to original antigenic sin) than if they had remained unvaccinated. And reinfections tend to be worse than the previous infection. The early portents are that we are headed towards societal collapse unless there is some government intervention that reduces the community’s viral load and stops infections. Meanwhile the vaccines have failed (as predicted in these pages), our government is still pushing them, and ivermection remains banned for no good reason. …

It is worth repeating that global warming has yet to kill anybody but belief in global warming has now killed millions. The good news is that the UK and the rest of Europe is headed for a long, bitter winter — partly due to lack of Russian gas, but mostly due to their own stupidity in thinking that windmills were going to save them from global warming. Some people will freeze to death, but mostly it will be viral infections that make people succumb in their frigid housing.

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