Inspirational Message To The Unvaccinated

Inspirational Message To The Unvaccinated. By Dr Pierre Kory.

Of the many hundreds of patients I have treated for acute COVID, pretty much the near entirety have been unvaccinated. Why you ask? Easy answer: in general, those who have succumbed to the vaccine lie have also been mentally conditioned to not seek out care from “quacks” who use “horse de-wormers” or “Trump drugs” as part of their combination therapy protocols. …

In my care discussions with the unvaccinated, I listened to stories of everything that happened to them as a result of their unvaccinated status. …

Story after story of lost jobs, retracted wedding invitations, and the inability to travel, eat out at a restaurant, see a movie, or attend a concert. All made worse with mounting estrangements from friends, family and colleagues who often asked them to not attend a holiday gathering or work event.

The other source of trauma are the stories from all my vaccinated patients who trusted the authorities when they said the injections were “safe and effective” or who had honestly tried to do what they were being told is the “right thing” for their fellow citizens. They too acted with courage, conviction, and humanity. In my practice, the majority are now vaccine injured and/or deeply remorseful after they came to discover that the institutions they trusted had so egregiously lied to them. What is even worse is that many of them then suffered the same discriminations after refusing to accept a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th shot.

The inspirational message is at the link. The doctor’s book is coming out soon:

Written rules were worth little in an emergency, as the people in power just did what they wanted to anyway. Immorality and greed won the day.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific