Attempted hit on ‘Putin’s brain’ Alexander Dugin points to enemies within

Attempted hit on ‘Putin’s brain’ Alexander Dugin points to enemies within. By Greg Sheridan.

What motivated the attempted assassination of the arch Russian ideologue and mystic philosopher Alexander Dugin, that killed his daughter?

There are, logically, three possibilities.

The first is, as the Russians themselves claim, that the Ukrainian state or its supporters did it. Dugin is an ultra-ultra-ultra nationalist who believes Ukraine has no independent existence. So Ukrainians don’t like him. But the Russian idea that a Ukrainian spy took her 12-year-old daughter to Moscow and consciously tracked Dugin’s daughter, planted the bomb, then escaped, but all the details of her mission were captured on security cam and unravelled by the authorities, is implausible. The Ukrainians have much higher priority targets, they don’t attack civilians, the risk to them of exposure would be enormous, the benefits almost zero. …

The second possibility is the Russian security forces conducted the bombing to provide a pretext for a radical escalation. That sort of thing has been done in the past by Russian intelligence agencies. But Dugin is a fanatical supporter of Putin and his most egregious foreign adventures. It seems inconceivable that the Russian state would seek to kill him.

The only remaining possibility is that the murder attempt was mounted by enemies of Dugin’s within Russia. It cannot be absolutely ruled out that this was some purely private dispute, but given Dugin’s symbolic status as a regime ideologue, albeit of a very extreme kind, it’s more likely the strike against him was political and held its own symbolism. If that is true, it will enrage Putin and inflame his highly developed paranoia. This could well result in escalation of the war, which Washington apparently expects as it has advised its citizens to leave Ukraine. …

Dugin’s views:

Dugin’s writings are full of hatred of the West. …

He espouses both Traditionalism, which holds that all modernity is evil and human truth is found only in certain instinctual and primordial values and customs, and Eurasianism, which believes that Russia’s divine destiny is to rule over an empire stretching from western Europe deep into Asia.

Dugin once openly espoused Nazism, and like many Nazis has a deep involvement with the occult. He believes Russia’s guardian angel is at war with the evil guardian angel of the West. He glorifies violence and believes that individuals do not have rights, but “peoples”, as in the Russian people, have rights.

Sounds like a tribalist from the past, who cannot abide individualism.

A reader notes:

There’s an obvious fourth possibility: western intelligence agencies. If the Russians might do it to let them escalate the war, surely the globalists might too, especially with their rabid hatred of Russia and any whites not under the woke thumb?