Western Australia: Unvaxxed cops may now be fired, in disciplinary action

Western Australia: Unvaxxed cops may now be fired, in disciplinary action. By Brianna Dugan.

Police Commissioner Col Blanch says WA Police won’t rule out dismissing officers from the force as he plans to pursue disciplinary action against as many as 51 unvaccinated cops.

On Tuesday, officer Ben Falconer lost his nine-month-long battle disputing the vaccine mandate which was in place for police …

Now the lengthy legal battle is over, one that took so long the vaccine mandates were lifted in the meantime, Mr Blanch will look into taking action against the officers individually — with the potential for some officers to lose their job.

Queensland: Unvaccinated Teachers To Be ‘Punished’ With A Pay Cut. By The Caldron Pool.

Hundreds of Queensland teachers will have their pay cut as “punishment” for not getting vaccinated, the state’s Education Department has announced.

According to a report from 9News Queensland, the department has ruled that unvaccinated teachers who have been allowed to return to their employment this term after being placed on leave without pay, will cop yet another financial blow, with a “reduction in remuneration” for a period of 18 weeks. …

The move has been likened to the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit system, which is designed to control social behaviours through state-sanctioned rewards and punishments.

Vaccine mandates were:

  • Immoral — Individuals bear the risk, so they should make the decision
  • Hypocritical — My body, my choice, as they say.
  • Medically futile — As some of us pointed out at the time, but I think most can see well enough now because they so did not get us to herd immunity.
  • Medically dangerous — The risks are far higher than the bureaucrats led us to believe. The damage reports coming in just get worse and worse. Now no western health bureaucracy will even publish data that allows comparison of health outcomes for the vaccinated versus unvaccinated.

To inflict punishment on the unvaxxed at this late stage — especially after they have shown to be correct — is petty and vindictive. The bureaucracy clearly wants an obedient population under their control, and damn morality.

hat-tip Stephen Neil