Australia: Morrison’s overreach part of wider malaise

Australia: Morrison’s overreach part of wider malaise. By Janet Albrechtson.

Many in the media class have been in a frenzy bordering on nutty about Morrison ignoring convention. …

Twitter-driven Tory bashing. Really, who else cares?

Many are so subsumed by, and dependent on, social media outrage for their careers that platforms such as Twitter have become incentivised outrage structures.

Professional boundaries around balance and proportion have been tossed aside for daily performative outrage. Every hour they can showcase their theatrical anger to attract new followers, scoring likes and retweets. Their social media dopamine hits entrench political polarisation and blind tribal loyalty.

These journalists rarely step outside their political sandbox or display a sense of proportion. Morrison broke convention, to be sure. It was appalling. But no one was immediately hurt …

The “elite” are getting too big and are, as a whole, dumbing down:

When the boundary between morality and politics collapses, elevating every issue into a moral battle between good and evil, other boundaries that bind us together are inevitably dismantled too. …

Peter Turchin, an emeritus professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Connecticut, has researched the trends and cycles of past societies causing them to unravel. One trend of past political instability is what he calls “elite overproduction” — as ranks of the highly educated increase, it “generally leads to more intra-elite compet­ition that gradually undermines the spirit of co-operation, which is followed by ideological polarisation and fragmentation of the political class”, he wrote in 2013.

Turchin’s thesis is even more powerful in 2022. Elite overproduction is here to stay. So are those incentivised social media structures; like genies it is hard to see how Twitter can be put back in the bottle.

Morrison’s odd and legal actions caused no harm, his career is finished anyway, and no one will try something like that again. Done.

But the ABC and the leftist ruling class are going on and on about it — as if it’s interesting.

It’s like the ABC et al are avoiding all the other big issues around the world and in Australia. There is too much reality that they cannot mention, for fear of contradicting the narrative. So it’s endless repetition of the few topics that make them feel good about themselves.