Ron DeSantis will save conservatism

Ron DeSantis will save conservatism. By Flat White.

There is an inevitability to Ron DeSantis’ rise to power that terrifies Democrat leaders.

The state of Florida is where woke goes to die…

There are plenty of populist noise-makers whose swift media rise whittles to nothing within the year. They either lack the political fortitude to survive or are set upon by well-organised mobs of censorial algorithms and aggressive media outlets that see ‘clicks’ in the demise of White House hopefuls.

DeSantis is the tide, waiting for the political forces to align in his favour. Challenging Trump would be as damaging as William usurping the Queen and so, unlike the raucous of his ‘never-Trump’ peers, DeSantis busies himself with the State of Florida. His patience is marked by victories in an ongoing culture war against malign progressive thinking. He has proven, beyond question, that strength of character and an abandonment of ‘polite’ acquiescence is key to protecting the nation’s children from predatory ideologies.

While limp conservative parties in Europe, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia paint themselves green and pick up the cross of Marxist ‘struggle’, DeSantis rests on the premise that fighting for traditional values is right — presently, historically, and for the future. …

Florida’s don’t say ‘gay’ bill — now law — caused all manner of uproar. In reality, all it did was reset the education system to the same state of normality that we grew up with where teachers were not allowed to indoctrinate children, either subtly or directly, into the adult ideas of gender and sexual orientation at primary grade levels. …

Children under the care of activists frequently end up wrongly confused during an age where it is not uncommon for them to believe they are animals and superheroes. Imagination without maturity makes children naturally delusional – which is perfectly healthy so long as they are surrounded by responsible adults who allow ‘play’ within the boundaries of reason. They must and will grow out of the belief that they are ‘literally Batman’.

No matter how much the activist class complain, it is Ron DeSantis who receives standing ovations and the support of fed-up parents. His Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees Bill cleverly acronymed to Stop WOKE has infuriated Marxists because it prevents them from telling children they are ‘victims’ or ‘oppressors’ based on their skin colour, or inherently ‘sexist’ because they are boys.

Sorry state of Australian right:

The Guardian writes: “It [the don’t say ‘gay’ Bill] was designed to do one thing and one thing only: terrorise LGBTQ+ people. …”

Under such attacks from the press, an Australian conservative party would have folded immediately, fooled by the emotive language, and been swiftly herded into reverse until they were not only agreeing with progressive demands but promising to ‘go further’.

Australia had a conservative Liberal government for over a decade and never once did they stand up to the push of hard-left bureaucrats who revised and re-revised the curriculum

If an eco-cult entered the classroom and began telling children that they were ‘all about to die in a fiery apocalypse!’ because their parents engage in a capitalist economy — persisting with their preaching until those children were literally in tears, gluing themselves to the street, and developing severe mental illnesses due to the terror – well, oh. Okay, bad example.