Dogs in San Francisco get stoned from eating human poop, and other reasons to move on from California

Dogs in San Francisco get stoned from eating human poop, and other reasons to move on from California. By John Sexton.

From NPR in 2019:

Another unsavory source in San Francisco — and other cities with high numbers of people living on the streets — is human feces tainted with marijuana. This is, in fact, what we think happened to Maizey. She spent quite a bit of time in the park bushes the morning she got stoned.

“Dogs love that [poop] scent,” Black says. “To them it’s perfume.”

Black and other veterinarians believe this particular problem is becoming more common in the Bay Area, as the homeless population grows.

From ABC in 2021:

Puppies sickened after eating meth, marijuana found in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights.

A recent story from r/dogs on Reddit.

About a half hour into our hike after our break he started slowing down and not wanting to walk. It got to the point where i was carrying him because he was wobbling so bad and his pupils were dilated. He wouldn’t drink or eat. I put him into the truck and noticed he was dribbling urine constantly and was falling asleep. My 1st thought was heat stroke or dehydration but we kept cool by the water and he had plenty to drink. His pee was clear for the most part. I got him home and he threw up human feces (so friggin gross) . I called the vet and they swore to me that it’s a marijuana overdose. I explained that there is no marijuana in the house so i don’t know where he could have gotten it. Apparently they’ve been seeing a lot of cases where a dog will eat human feces with enough THC on popular hiking or camping trails and overdose on it.

Check out this recent behavior in LA:

No wonder people are leaving California.

Joanne Nova:

The Wikipedia page “California Exodus“shows that  in the last decade there has been a net loss of 1.2 million people domestically. That’s from a state with about 39m people. …

It’s a bad moment in Civilization but it’s a great day in parody and satire: