Election Fraud in the USA: Ballot Hack

Election Fraud in the USA: Ballot Hack. By Jim Hoft.

There’s an election hack built before the 2020 election that can instantaneously swap the bubbles on your ballot. The “filled in” bubble of your candidate is moved to the hackers’ preferred candidate and swapped out with that empty bubble. The change is made before the “ballot Image” is stored on the election server and before it’s tabulated. By using the voter’s own marking style and penmanship, these changes are undetectable to the human eye.

Here’s the scenario. Using a blue pen you fill in the “Trump” bubble on a ballot. Election officials insert this ballot into a tabulator. Those pixels surrounding the Trump bubble are swapped in milliseconds with the empty Biden bubble pixels. After these changes are made, the ballot image is saved to the EMS, and the candidate selections update the election totals. If an election jurisdiction uses their digital “Ballot Images” to conduct an audit, they WILL NOT find these changed ballots. …



Awhile back two University of Michigan students successfully wrote this malicious software using only 398 lines of code. … Depending on the computer, the entire process takes about 40 milliseconds (.04 seconds). It leaves no image artifacts behind, so the changes are undetectable. …

The students tested it against EAC-certified scanners. They also tested it against all six different ballot styles used in America. These come from manufacturers Dominion, ES&S, Clear Ballot, Diebold, and two styles from Hart InterCivic. …

They simulated an attack using 181,541 completed paper ballots from Clackamas County. Oregon. … They were able to alter 62,400 ballot images, which is 34%. Afterwards, they selected 1,000 altered ballots at random for examination. Human auditors could NOT detect any evidence of ballot manipulation. …

Students Jeremy and Kart noted there are technologies available that can detect this type of image manipulation on ballots. However, they were unable to find one election jurisdiction using any of this technology. Their team also suspects it would become an arms race. When the software that detects “image manipulation” advances, attackers will obtain it, and alter their malicious code to defeat it.

Meanwhile, in LA:

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón dodged recall efforts after Los Angeles County banned observers from monitoring the recall vote count.

Observers were not allowed to monitor the vote counting

According to the LA County Registrar, 520,050 signatures were valid and 195,783 were not valid.

Really? In the 2020 election, less than 1% of mail-in ballots were rejected. But to save far-left DA Gascon, 27% are found invalid. Sure.

Use paper ballots, filled out after ID checks at a voting booth, counted (and recounted, if necessary) by hand, with observers for all candidates present and able to observe all aspects of the counting.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific