Trembling Conservatives Look the Other Way Rather Than Address Antiwhite Racism

Trembling Conservatives Look the Other Way Rather Than Address Antiwhite Racism. By Paul Gottfried.

There are obviously risky positions today that no professionally ambitious figure who identifies as a conservative would ever dare to take publicly. These perilous positions include

  • fighting — no-holds-barred — with the LGBT lobby
  • suggesting that certain civil-rights laws turned out to be imprudent
  • opposing the feminist movement at its roots
  • arguing that there are demonstrable IQ differences among ethnic groups
  • insisting that antiwhite racism is a salient characteristic of the leftist establishment.

Be a tame conservative, a pet who doesn’t challenge them on topics the left care about:

If a conservative polemicist is trying to build a career, he may try to divert discussion away from these hard positions toward less inflammatory subjects or issues that most leftists don’t really care about.

Thus, we have had authorized conservatives identifying their conservatism with such unoffensive subjects as the preservation of classical architecture or the rejection of twelve-tone musical compositions. We also find self-described Catholic conservatives declaiming against the continuing effects of 14th-century nominalism or denouncing Martin Luther’s inexcusable revolt against Rome. …

They know the left is not likely to go after someone who builds his conservatism on fighting things that happened centuries ago, particularly when that person doesn’t also frontally attack the left’s egalitarian creed and call for a larger welfare state.

If only one nail sticks up, it gets hammered:

Deneen went after Douglas Murray in Compact for daring to notice that the defining feature of the modern left is antiwhite racism.

One does not have to be a genius … to acknowledge an obvious fact. Every day the woke left posts a multitude of tweets calling for the disappearance of white people. The tirades of Ibram X. Kendi and other black activist authors abound in racist invective; and Black Lives Matter (BLM), a black nationalist organization, unleashes violence on American streets. Public education marches in lockstep with this antiwhite racism and pushes Critical Race Theory on young children — when it’s not urging them to reconsider their supposedly fluid genders. …

A defense of our civilization … starts with not turning a blind eye to a real evil. It is impossible for me not to recoil from the ominous character of leftist racism. The question for me is how we should understand why that noxious habit is there and why it continues to grow worse.

Black racists at BLM and other groups are clearly not the only ones responsible for this situation, but they do deserve blame for lashing out relentlessly against whites. America’s black community as a whole has voted consistently for racist demagogues like California Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Finally, blacks must share the blame for not working more energetically to solve their problems of communal violence instead of turning on the police, who are required to deal with the crime committed by blacks against other blacks.

But there is other blame to go around, too, especially among the white left, which stokes racial hatred while pretending to alleviate it.

At the end of the day, antiwhite racism is being manipulated by white elites, who are inciting blacks to vent their hatred on disfavored whites and Asians.

Black Lives Matter! Hurray, shouts everyone.

All Lives Matter! Racist, bigot, they hiss.

White Lives Matter! Nobody has ever said that in public, according to the MSM.

No leader can be effective against the ruling class unless he or she is unafraid of going outside the Overton window.