Western Australian Mines Minister Bill Johnston supports gender quotas

Western Australian Mines Minister Bill Johnston supports gender quotas. By Caitlyn Rintoul.

WA Mines Minister Bill Johnston has called for gender quotas in the State’s resources industry to combat sexual misconduct, arguing it would be a clear indication a company wants to change its culture.

The Labor MP told WA Parliament that gender-specific targets should be supported as it would help companies work on turning around the toxic behaviour and horror incidents revealed in a landmark inquiry into sexual assault and harassment in the sector. …

“One way we are going to fix them is by increasing the number of women in the sector.

“Quotas will work. I suggest that the opposition get on board with quotas.” …

During his speech to Parliament on Wednesday, Mr Johnston … referred to the alleged sexual harassment of Kalgoorlie Miner deputy editor Amber Lilley at an event associated with the annual mining conference Diggers & Dealers. … In an opinion piece in The West Australian newspaper last Tuesday, Lilley detailed how a man who worked in mining made a lewd comment about her before proceeding to grope her and follow her as she walked away.

Another call from the left for government discrimination and more bureaucracy. Any excuse will do.

A reader:

Women are not commonly attracted to the industry.

The current controversy is confected. Take for instance, last week’s front page article about sexual assault in Broome. The assailant may have been a fly in fly out worker on holidays, but there was no other connection to the mining industry. However that did not stop the media from dressed it up as a mining industry crisis. …

The ALP had to give up its anti-mining bias … The Greens are anti-mining, full stop. They stigmatise the extractive industries as being dirty, sexist and exploitative.


Women are not working in mining now because overwhelmingly THEY choose not to, and will continue to do so, just like they do in Scandinavian countries.

Gender quotas in mining will greatly exacerbate the labour shortage mining faces right now, limit the advancement of men in mining, and cause a mass exodus of extremely skilled male labour to mining operations outside of Australia where no such restrictions will exist.

The left dislikes the mining industry, because it is a meritocratic private industry that has little need of government.

hat-tip Paul, Julian