US Politics Regressing to the Level of 1700, as IQ Declines

US Politics Regressing to the Level of 1700, as IQ Declines. By Edward Dutton.

The first part of this video is about English politics around 1700, which was the last time Anglo politicians hated each other vociferously and threw each other in prison and occasionally executed one another. Before that, politics had been even more brutal — literally medieval. That sort of politics characterizes societies with lower average IQs and lower levels of trust.

Let’s pick up from 13:45, where he draws parallels with the USA today:

Loose transcription of main points:

It was an occupational hazard that you go to prison if you go into the lion’s den of politics. [You might spend time in jail if the opposition get into power …. Visceral hatred, fear, and vengeance.]

That is what is happening in America now. It is a sign of declining IQ.

Raymond Cattell, in an extraordinarily prescient paper written in 1938, argued that in a society of declining [average] IQ, you are going to see:

  • People staying at school longer to make up for the fact that they’re stupider,
  • Declining educational standards,
  • Decreasing levels of major per-capita-innovation (we are back at the level of major per-capita-innovation of about 1600). …
  • Greater delinquency,
  • Greater interest in sex (people become more instinctive)
  • More extremism. People with low IQ are highly emotional, and they think in a black-and-white way. … It is highly instinctive to see anyone who disagrees with you as evil and basically your enemy.
  • Massive political polarization between two sides that hate each other.
  • More anti-democratic attitudes.
  • Less trust, movement towards a low-trust society.
  • More corruption, because lower IQ people live in the now more, and do not see the long term damage from corruption as clearly.
  • Less empathy.

In the UK average intelligence peaked around 1870, and has since fallen about 15 points due to changes in selection pressures. We are now back at the intelligence level of about 1700.

Which is why US politics is metastasizing into the ugly politics of a few centuries ago, and why the values of the Enlightenment and modernity are disappearing.

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