Don’t Say ‘Groomer’ or the MSM Will Call You a Bigot

Don’t Say ‘Groomer’ or the MSM Will Call You a Bigot. By Matt Margolis.

What kind of person would desperately want to talk to little kids under nine years old about sexuality and sexual orientation and then try to hide it from their parents? We call them groomers and justifiably so. …

For months now, the mainstream media has been establishing the narrative that “groomer” and “grooming” are anti-LGBTQ slurs.

But not even the notoriously woke Merriam-Webster has updated its definition of “groomer” to suggest it’s an anti-LGBTQ slur. Though it will probably happen soon enough. …

The Human Rights Campaign wanted to fabricate the narrative that anti-LGBTQ hate soared online after the passage of the Parental Rights in Education law. But when they couldn’t do it, they redefined “groomer” as an anti-LGBTQ slur and got the mainstream media on board.

“Groomer” is so effective; it really hurts the narrative. So they just have to ban it — by socially outlawing it on their media.