The Brilliance of Trump’s 2015 Announcement Speech

The Brilliance of Trump’s 2015 Announcement Speech. By Josiah Lippincott.

Donald Trump showed the way. His presidential announcement speech in 2015 was a masterpiece of political rhetoric. It was also a blueprint for a message that could cut through the nightmare web of corruption, decay, and incompetence that characterizes our modern political system.

A nation, not another globalist franchise:

Trump’s focus on issues of national sovereignty — the big three issues of immigration, trade, and war — was the reason this former reality TV star rocketed to the highest office in the land. It is also why the American political establishment pulled out all the stops to remove him from that office.

Immigration — the biggie that they won’t talk about because what they are doing is indefensible:

In his announcement speech, Trump’s take on immigration was simple and extremely memorable:

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best . . . They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

This line caused liberals to kvetch for months. (They still do.) It was also brilliant. Trump stated what is obvious to anyone who has ever spent time (or grown up) in a community enriched by Third World mass migration.

My father remembers when my hometown in California didn’t have Mexican drug gangs spraying graffiti on every block and committing murders every other month. Today, whole swaths of my hometown feature store signs that are only in Spanish. Most of the old stock residents have fled to the suburbs or simply left the state. A massive homeless encampment surrounds the rail line that runs through downtown.

The libertarian and globalist lies about the benefits of illegal immigration to GDP are fundamentally insane. Mass immigration from central America drives down wage growth for blue-collar work, spikes housing prices, increases crime, enacts dramatic social change, and empowers the Democratic Party.

Trump made it possible to talk honestly about immigration. His Republican hangers-on should follow suit.

Trump’s solution in the 2015 speech was simple: Build the Wall. Make Mexico pay for it. This strategy should still be at the forefront of Republican policy …


Trump caused a greater change in public opinion on trade than on any other issue in the 2016 cycle. Before Trump, I was an unthinking free trader. I accepted the basic libertarian take: let markets decide winners and losers. If American workers cannot compete with Chinese laborers in making widgets, then the Chinese deserve to make them. They’re more efficient. American should do something else. That’s the invisible hand at work. QED.

Trump forced me to come to a reckoning. This simple, Econ 101 logic doesn’t work so well in the real world. If China owns all of the world’s steel production, what happens if America needs that product and the Chinese don’t want to sell it to us for political reasons? What if we go to war?

Moreover, human beings aren’t robots. A man who has spent his whole life building engines on an assembly line can’t just switch to computer programming if his job is sent overseas. And countries, like China, where workers are treated like serfs and environmental destruction is considered totally normal, enjoy a competitive advantage over American workers who are more independent and spirited.

Economics is subordinate to politics. The liberal elite class hates the well-paid blue-collar worker, landowner, and small-business entrepreneur. These people are economically independent. They are also far more right-wing than their white collar, big-city peers. Social media managers, Silicon Valley programmers, and bankers are reliable liberal voters.

The more disconnected a job is from physical reality the more left-wing it becomes. Generally speaking, the kind of person who spends his life manipulating spreadsheets, wandering around social media cyberspace, and spinning up reams of words is the kind of person who thinks chopping off one’s genitals is an entirely reasonable and good thing to do.

Not so for the kind of men who do hard but well-paid labor in the real world. American trade policy is designed to crush the latter and benefit the former. Free trade, as we know it, is a wealth transfer scheme from America’s industrial heartland to its spiritually decaying coastal centers.

American workers shouldn’t be forced to compete on an equal basis with Chinese serfs and Indonesian child laborers. If this means lower returns for Goldman Sachs’ bankers and hedge fund managers, that is a price I am more than willing to let them pay.

Trump changed things:

He caused our political class to lose their minds. The Russian collusion hoax, January 6 witch hunt, and the hyperventilating over fascism — all of this is a byproduct of Trump’s commitment to opposing the liberal consensus on immigration, trade, and war. Trump threatened to kill the liberal golden goose—to stop the shakedown of the white middle class.

That’s why they hate him. It is why they have pulled out all the stops trying to get rid of him. It is why they hunt down his supporters and slander his backers.

Trump might curtail the parasitic class, with their government jobs paid for with money extracted from taxpayers with the threat of force. The rest of us live by producing goods and services that people willingly pay for. It’s a moral difference.