For the Rule of Law to Reign, the FBI Must Be Destroyed

For the Rule of Law to Reign, the FBI Must Be Destroyed. By Kyle Shideler.

I am not some dyed-in-the-wool civil libertarian who has always had it in for federal law enforcement. I have spent most of my adult life trying to educate people about the serious national security threats this country faces. The United States has very real enemies, both foreign and domestic, and it requires defending.

Nevertheless, the FBI must be abolished. …

FBI plays politics for team bureaucrat:

Since the days of J. Edgar Hoover keeping his own “private” files on elected politicians and famous persons, the FBI has had a political streak. As an agency it has always been savvy about its reputation, bureaucratically out-dueling federal departments that sought to infringe on the bureau’s perceived preeminence in the fields of federal law enforcement and counterintelligence. But most of the FBI’s politicization had to do with maintaining its own administrative superiority and independence, not serving as muscle for a particular political party.

That’s no longer the case.

The FBI’s actions over the past six years make perfectly clear that the FBI is more than willing to serve as the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. It serves as its patron’s shield in matters large and small.

  • It exonerated Hillary Clinton for her illicit server.
  • It raided James O’Keefe and Project Veritas when Joe Biden’s daughter lost her diary.
  • It eliminated investigation into Black Lives Matter and other black identity extremists because those pursuits annoyed the Democrats’ Congressional Black Caucus.
  • It refuses even to utter the word “Antifa” while churches and pregnancy centers are fire-bombed.
  • It continues to cover up for Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with enemy nations, along with his indulgence in criminal prostitution and drug abuse.

But the FBI has also served as the Democrats’ sword as well.

  • It knowingly laundered the Russian collusion hoax, lying in order to secure FISA warrants.
  • It ambushed the president’s sitting national security advisor in a nonsense perjury trap.
  • The FBI hunts down January 6 protesters while dodging congressional inquiries about the role of federal agents in provoking the incident.
  • The FBI ginned up a fake kidnapping plot in Michigan to instill fear of right-wing terrorism, manhandled the former president’s lawyer, and shackled one of his former high-level aides.

And it has now raided the former president’s home under a mere pretext, while the Democrats openly crow on cable news about using a political prosecution to prevent Trump from ever again being able to serve in office.

Other attempts to rein in the FBI short of its abolition have failed. The FBI shows nothing but contempt for those authorized to oversee it.

  • It routinely ignores inspector general investigations.
  • It fails to prosecute or punish those who overtly violate established policies.
  • It refuses to answer legitimate questions from Republican committee members.
  • It doesn’t even respond to congressional letters of inquiry.
  • It punishes FBI whistleblowers and seeks to purge from its midst those agents who aren’t in lockstep with its new praetorian guard role.

What must be done. Who will do it?

A GOP-majority Congress may not have the stomach for even the lightest pushback against the bureau. Expect even the promise of ineffectual hearings to fade as soon as the midterm elections are over. After all, few congressmen are as popular with their voters as Donald Trump is with his base, and if the FBI can slander and investigate a sitting president, what couldn’t it do to a freshman congressman?

But imagine how the walls of the deep state might begin to show cracks were Congress to hold fast and declare at the outset, one way or the other, the FBI is finished, with no quarter given. Then you might see bureaucrats looking for soft landings, crawling out of the woodwork with tales about FBI bad behavior and who to hold responsible. You might have a few good apples stand up and speak out if they knew with certainty that their superiors would no longer hold the keys to some future employment. Indeed, there may be any number of agents in far-flung field offices across the country who might rejoice to see themselves rehired by another law enforcement agency that actually cares about enforcing the law.

It will be like pushing on an open door. Stand up to the bullies.