Lefties Are Objectively Pro-Monkeypox

Lefties Are Objectively Pro-Monkeypox. By Stephen Green. I know that sounds like a terrible thing to say, but he has a point. Remember how in the early days of covid, Pelosi was telling Americans to go to Chinatown in SF, and that closing their borders or calling it a Chinese disease was racist? It’s like deja vu all over again.

A California state senator is sharing how to hide monkeypox symptoms before going out for a night of fun at San Francisco’s Up Your Alley street fair.

Senator Scott Wiener (really), a Democrat representing the 11th Senate District in the Bay Area, shared a “safety” guide that advised people to “cover it up with a bandaid or clothing before you go out” if they found any pox-looking bumps on their skin.

“There’s never been a better time,” a cartoon character named Douchie says, “to dress from top to bottom in latex or leather.”

I suppose not. But there also hasn’t been a better time to stay home for a weekend or three and catch up on reading. …

The Left’s silence on monkeypox — after more than two years of ceaseless and often counterproductive talk and action on COVID — is telling.

Democrats criticized President Ronald Reagan for never using the word “AIDS” in public (even though he did), but today they won’t publicly speak simple truths about who is catching monkeypox and how. …

So why is monkeypox safety getting the silent treatment?

Maybe it’s all about the money and power that come from declaring monkeypox an official Public Health Emergency, as PJ Media’s own Athena Thorne explained on Thursday:

“Authoritarian politicians and bureaucrats are having a tough time giving up the dictatorial powers afforded them by the Great COVID Powergrab, so the latest declaration is doubtless music to their ears.”

You can’t have a public health emergency without sick people. And if that means staying mum about who is catching monkeypox and how, then that’s exactly what the Left will do.

More power to the leftist bureaucratic state. Money to the right people perhaps? Maybe even an excuse to change voting rules again? What they are up to now?