Australia: Labor-Greens introduce forty new bills!

Australia: Labor-Greens introduce forty new bills! By Viv Forbes.

There is an ominous buzz in the new Australian Parliament where Albo and the Greens are planning to pass 40 new bills, quick smart.

Each bill will probably need 100 new regulations and 200 new inspectors, auditors, and enforcers plus many new taxes and fees. … They will divert labour and capital from productive activities to bureaucracies and green energy speculators.

Where are the 40 old bills that Green-Albo will repeal to make room for these 40 wordy additions to Australia’s already overflowing legislative sewer? …

Australia has thrived for over 200 years without Green-Albo’s 40 new laws. So they can be safely rejected or repealed and followed out the door by most of the legislation introduced under the baleful gaze of the Green Quad — Gillard, Rudd, Turnbull, and Morrison.

Australia also needs to back out of the international agreements swamp. Top priority here is to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Probably the worst bill in Green-Albo’s legislative avalanche is the Climate Change Bill.

This dreadful piece of legislation gives the government the ability to ‘ratchet up’ green targets without new parliamentary approval, but makes it difficult for future governments to ratchet back these targets when it all goes horribly wrong. This will clutter rural Australia with imported solar panels and windmills, and destroy forests and grasslands with spider-webs of roads and transmission lines. It will make blackouts more likely and destroy any heavy industry we have left.

Filling our cities with electric cars will stress the electricity grid and add greatly to urban fire risks. And in 15 years (or after every cyclone) we will have an enormous problem trying to dispose of the worn-out, non-degradable wind and solar generator debris.

Wind and solar are almost useless without big battery storage. Then there is Turnbull’s Green Elephant, the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro, which is way behind in time and way ahead in costs.

Meanwhile, over in reality, global coal consumption is at a record high and coal prices are at record highs:

Australian PM Anthony Albanese joined the long line of western leaders who admonished China for burning 53% of the world’s coal. Ha, just kidding. They’ve all been silent, and have dropped requests for an international inquiry into where covid really came from.