Australia: Dutton goes nuclear

Australia: Dutton goes nuclear. By Flat White.

Earlier this week, [Australia’s Opposition Leader] Dutton quietly posted a message on his Facebook page that indicated that maybe — just maybe — the federal Liberals had awoken and were ready to mount some sort of legitimate defence against Albanese. …

It’s time our country had an honest and informed discussion on nuclear energy. We will lead it.

Okay, so it is a bit light on detail, but we can safely assume that Dutton is leaning toward a nuclear future to woo back all those wealthy Teal seats.

Nuclear is our only technology that can deliver reliable power 24/7 without emitting carbon dioxide.

Nuclear has long been the obvious solution for energy. Regardless of how much you love fossil fuels or the merits of their use, nuclear is the only source of energy that can supply humanity for billions of years. And Australia owns the bulk of it.

If we weren’t behaving like a Hippie backwater stuck in outdated 1970s fear-mongering, we’d be the global advocates for nuclear energy and turn ourselves into a very wealthy nation by doing so.

How would nuclear enrich the left? It doesn’t, so forget it.

The reason the Left refuses to endorse nuclear energy has nothing to do with cost, safety, or build time and everything to do with the inconvenient truth that nuclear destroys their renewables investments and empties the wealth of ‘green’ billionaires. Nuclear doesn’t require a parallel energy grid, battery storage, or the complete re-wiring of the nation. It’s ‘plug and play’. Done and dusted. Off the shelf, proven, and ideal for Australian geography.

Dutton is not a fool. He recognises that it is too late to walk back the ridiculous climate dogma the former Liberal Party engaged in. During the election, the majority of ministers in the Morrison government ran the same apocalyptic rhetoric as Extinction Rebellion, validating their fringe lunacy and paving the way for the success of renewables-funded Teals. …

So, for better or worse, the Liberals are stuck with their Net Zero idiocy.

Reduce emissions by gutting agriculture — it’s not as if lefties make money from agriculture:

Labor have decided to polish their emissions virtue by gutting the agriculture industry. This will not work in their favour as Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, Canada, and Italy have shown. Dutton has sensibly decided to take the bulk of emissions reduction out of the energy sector while offering exactly what the public have been demanding for years –- reliable energy that is based on Australian resources.

Plenty of polls have shown the public amassing behind Dutton’s nuclear pledge. …

Nuclear is better:

Out of nuclear and renewables, only nuclear has been proven to deliver reliable, low-emissions energy. There are 440 nuclear reactors in the world, all working just fine. Our neighbours in Asia are building more nuclear reactors than anyone else, with China leading the way with 33 and India following at 12.

Renewables are yet to deliver on their promises. Globally, they under-perform on spec while an alarming number of solar and wind farms sit abandoned. Australia is even covering prime agricultural land with solar panels on the edge of a global food crisis. If Kean had bothered to run the numbers, he would realise the impracticality of an energy grid made from renewables. The physical space and resources required are environmentally ruinous, and even if it were ever built, it would have to be replaced every 10-20 years. If he is worried about plastic straws in landfill, wait until he sees wind turbine blades.

Cheap? Effective? Reliable? Renewables are none of these things, but they do make a lot of money on the back of government subsidies. They also present an unacceptable security risk, with the bulk of their production coming out of China – considered to be the most dangerous aggressor in the world. Only a fool would hand Beijing the off-switch to the power grid.

Follow the money. The left always chooses the paths that personally enriches them the most.