Sodom And Gomorrah Declare State Of Emergency Over Monkeypox

Sodom And Gomorrah Declare State Of Emergency Over Monkeypox. By the Babylon Bee.

Both the city of Sodom and the city of Gomorrah have declared a state of emergency immediately in response to the Monkeypox outbreak. The cities are now providing all the resources they can so citizens can continue their orgies without interruption.

“We’re ALL at risk here. And there’s absolutely nothing that we can choose not to do to avoid becoming infected. Our only hope is getting vaccinated for monkeypox,” said Sodom city spokesman Yavin Nusam. “So let’s keep our heads up, come together, and take PRIDE in our city!” …

According to sources, many citizens are afraid that if Monkeypox continues to spread that Sodom Summer and Orgy October may have to be canceled this year.

“I just don’t know what I would’ve done if it wasn’t for this vaccine,” said local Gommorah school teacher Jon Glitterbum, they/them. “My kindergarten class would have been devastated if I was out sick, unable to continue our lesson on systemic racism and sinphobia.”

On a more serious note, Stephen Harper notes:

The disgusting, hopelessly compromised, rotten-to-the-core left-wing media can no longer utter or write the word ‘gay’ for some mysterious reason. Thus they are now at one with Florida’s governor De Santis with his “Don’t say gay” laws. Who would have thought it?

Once they were so proud of the word that they had Gay Pride Parades. These have now been  renamed Men Who Have Sex With Men Parades. Bit of a mouthful — but it gets worse. Their alphabet soup group name has now been revised to LMWHSWMBTQ+. Say that with a straight  face.

Isn’t life interesting? You never know what it’s going to throw up next. (Emphasis on the antepenultimate and penultimate words in that sentence.)

hat-tip Stephen Neil