Canberra: where electricity is a luxury the poor can’t afford

Canberra: where electricity is a luxury the poor can’t afford. By Tina Faulk.

‘Where do you go?’

They are all older women, retirees from the federal and territory public services, the ASO 5 and 6 level officers who kept the wheels of government turning — carrying out the programs, and watching their section heads and directors take credit for their work.

They’re not talking about where to eat lunch. They’re discussing where (and if) they should go to spend a few hours in heated premises to escape Canberra’s freezing weather after temperatures dropped 2 and 3 degrees below.

One who recently ‘VR-ed’ (Voluntary Retired) still goes back to her old workplace, usually late morning, when the security guard who remembers her gives a nod and a smile as she settles into one of the comfortable settees in the reception area.

Another heads for Canberra institution, the Southern Cross Club in Woden, where you can sit over newspapers and a coffee for half a day. The Hellenic Club is another popular choice. …

Libraries are warm and free:

Public libraries in the National Capital are now considered, by staff and patrons alike, to be ‘community centres’ where people come to read, use the computers, charge their phones, and use the toilets. …

Our libraries, warm and welcoming, have a crowd at their doors before the 10 am opening. …

We are reaching a point where clean water and electricity are considered luxuries.

How, as ‘Macca’, perhaps the most-loved voice on ABC Canberra radio asked once morning, has it come to this in Australia?

That electricity that most of us as a taken-for-granted household utility, has become something that only the affluent may be able to afford is frightening. That hot water may be rationed in households — by householders themselves, if not by authorities — is alarming.

The people who cannot afford electricity are not the idiots who willingly fell for the carbon dioxide theory of global warming. They are the victims of the ideological zealotry, power and money lust, and plain stupidity of others.

Our ruling class deliberately conducted no due diligence on the theory. Since 1980 they have been defunding or cancelled the climate scientists who disagreed with the theory. And many of them profit mightily by the theory.

How do you suppose those freezing in poverty are going to feel when the world doesn’t warm and eventually the truth comes out — that the carbon dioxide theory of global warming is due to a technical error in all the climate models?